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Finally, some answers

Ian is always sick, always. Last time he was off his singular for allergy testing he ended up in the hospital for 4 days. The testing was pushed back until today.

April 1st he was officially diagnosed with asthma, bad asthma. When I told the doctor my reservations for steroids she told me he shouldnt be mean, etc. Ian went on the steroids and it was HELL. Like sign away being a mom hell. He was happy, then under the table crying. Throwing fits left and right. The worst 2 weeks I have had in a while. The only thing that would pacify him was video games. His teacher commented on his poor behavior, his speech therapist went through an hour of him screaming at her (never done that before). At any rate my child was NOT my child. But he needed the steroid…

So today he had his allergist appointment. I tell the nurse that he is bonkers add, jumping off the walls, mean and is constantly chewing on things (hence the wet stretched out collar on his shirt). I said its the steroids, she pish poshed me and told me he couldnt be having those reactions to the drug.

Then we were taken to respiratory to test that. The lady was the one that helped us when we got ushered to the ER. She was wonderful and nice and when I told her of his behavior she said some kids react that way and to make sure and tell the doctor.

So we go back, he gets 100 needles in his back (and did fabulously I might add) and wait around for the doc. She comes in and is wonderful. Explained to me, finally, why my child was always so sick. Can I just say how happy I am to finally have an explanation of what the heck is going on.

And she admitted that reactions happen and that we need to find something that doesnt screw with his behavior. She is the first doctor to ever take me seriously when I say I have a nice, calm non-chewing child. lol But he is allergic to everything around here, and bad too. 4+ is the worst it can be and he had a few 3’s, mostly 4’s and scattered 4+.

She was awesome at explaining everything (she worked in Nicu for years). And like I assumed it all stems from him being born so early. His lungs are scared, the oxygen that kept him alive in his first month and change of life in turn scared his lungs. And because they are scared he gets sick constantly. Its a cycle. I wish I would have done something about it a long time ago. 🙁 So allergy shots for at least the next 3 years. And a whole new concoction of meds for his asthma and hopefully his demeanor changes back to normal.

Oh and she stated that he might be having bad reactions because of food allergies so we are going in next month for that.

Hospital update

NOT happy fun times at BSA. These people dont want to piss me off. The morning nurse doesnt normally work on this floor and has no idea what she is doing. Ians not getting treatments as often as he should. He just coughed and threw up everywhere. I cant move him to the bathroom because he has crap all hooked to him. I cant take off his vomit covered shirt because of the iv. The nurse turned off my first call and pretty much ignored the second. I finally stood in the hall until someone saw me. All this time we have been told he isnt contagious and they have no idea whats wrong so they are just treating bad asthma. NOW supposedly he has RSV, ok, that doesnt surprise me but fucking tell me if he is now all of a sudden contagious. Seriously. But she doesnt know for sure, she is double checking. *rolls eyes* Oh and I have vomit covered clothes wadded up in the corner, she doesnt know if they have a bag for them. And Ians starving but we still have no lunch…Juli wont punch someone in the face, Juli wont punch somone in the face, Juli wont punch someone in the face…

Multiple times a day,

I think to myself a new blog. Unfortunatly I never type it up. Last January I got this url and server space intending to move my myspace blogs over. Occasionally I would work on it but after moving a few blogs over I became tired of it. I stopped blogging cause I didnt want to move even more blogs from myspace to here. I didnt post them here because I didnt want to link to the site until I had all the blogs moved over. lol. Now they are all moved. woot!

I have been going to counciling for a little over 3 months now (I think) and its helped tremendously. So much so that now I just go every 4 weeks. I have learned to better deal with the everything. Learned that its okay to be sad, to mourn, to be angry etc. I need to allow myself those feelings, for said amount of time and then move on. It was the moving on that I had a problem with.

So the 23rd will mark my 3 month single anniversary. Its a big thing for me, longest I have ever been single. And its nice, lonley at spurts but a whole lot easier on my nerves.

I am going to school in the summer, summer I was math and History II and Summer II (now) is just a math class. Also working part time with awesome people doing stuff I love. Kids are doing great (well except Ians sick again). Hopes saying new words every day and insists on her hair being done. Ians busy coloring/crafting and talk talk talking up a storm.

We have officially gotten things under control. Same routines, etc. Jason and I are doing fantastic, our co-parenting is something I think we should both be very proud of. It certainly reflects in the kids.

After reposting all the blogs I realized how much I love it and I am a little sad that I havent been doing them for the last 6 months. But from here on out I am aiming for at least weekly.

The sites not prettied up, I seem to have forgotten a great deal of my coding skills but I have a rough idea of what I want. My myspace blogs were half butt moved over so even though a comment box appears you cant leave a comment. Go down to the actual comment link for wordpress.

And lastly,

welcome to Story About A Girl!

Bad news first

I still feel like crap, wanting to vomit on a constant basis sucks (because of the antibiotics). I am also still out of it for the most part, got to school around 8:30am and didnt leave until 5:15 pm with no breaks, didnt even remember to go pee. lol Didnt eat either.

But the good news is I was one of the three picked out of my typography (I think 13 are in our class) class to have our work showcased in the library. It will be showcased from May1st to July 1st on the first floor.

That made me rather happy! Also made a 95 on my last math test, woot.

And with that I am off to curl up in bed and hopefully get some sleep. I woke up hourly last night. 🙁


Sara Graves- Martinez
wow! i am so happy that you are doing so well in school! wish you felt better! i will pray for you… =]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on April 15, 2009 – Wednesday – 9:02 PM
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High pain tolerance

Being sick happens, eh, nothing I can do about it really. Thursday I started feeling like poo and it just go worse from there. Today, Tuesday, I am finally taking myself to the doctor. I havent gone to the doc since working at nationwide back in 2001 (and that was for anxiety attacks). I had an ob when I was pg with Ian (5 years ago) but I am not counting that. And of course didnt have a doc with Hope.

I always say I have a high pain tolerance, I did after all have Hope without even a Tylenol. But this, this I am assuming sinus infection, hurts.like.HELL! Even with inhaling steam, nasal rinses, unkers out the ass, applying warm/hot compresses it has done nothing but get worse by the day.

The only way to get to sleep last night was to take a sleeping pill, thank god I had those left over from the last pregnancy. But it made me really tired today and after waking I find my right side of the face totally swollen, when I bite down I catch a good deal of tissue on that side of my face. My throat, jaw, eyes everything on that side is in pain. And my ear hurts so freaking bad, its been leaking all night/day so I put some tissue up to it to check the color out and its bleeding. Waaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

So its off to the doctor I go to throw down money.

sorry it’s so bad! i hope the stupid doctor helps! 🙂
Posted by sarah on April 14, 2009 – Tuesday – 4:12 PM
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Sara Graves- Martinez
ugh! sounds painful! be sure and update!
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on April 14, 2009 – Tuesday – 8:55 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
EEEWWWWWWWW! Now I am going to dream about things coming out of me ears! Doesn’t sound too good with all that other stuff involved.
Hang in there!
Posted by Always Màthair on April 14, 2009 – Tuesday – 11:28 PM
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This sickness thing sucks, I am over it but Ians still battling it and Hope got sent home today with a temp over 102 (and its still high after tylenol).


Ian has been a huge tyrant, not his usual self at all. He has his stubborn moments but this was different. Well after sitting in lecture today going through what could be different, it occurred to me that I started him back on his pulmicort to help with the cough.

And then I remembered that it was a steroid. Ugh again and well…duh.

Look at this
Side Effects

Yikes. I am normally very good at looking at anything that goes into him but his poor cough was so bad that I just jumped at that solution.

Lesson learned I suppose. Hopefully I will have my sane, sweet child back soon.

Hopes officially walking now and its super cute. I knew she would get it down but in her own time. Ians doing awesome with reading too.

Finally caught up with everything (minus a test). Here are a few of my last projects. One was for type, had to do a visual hierarchy project using body copy, letter form (so pick a letter, any letter) and a headline. It was a fun project….here are some pics. BAD quality though, the originals are 8×8 so shrunk down you miss a lot.


And here is my newest Ad for a clothing store for digital publishing. I had the headline “The best” to work with, had to fill in the rest. The body copy was set for me. Had to make the logo (the NewWear at the bottom) as well.
Click for a better view, the actual size is close to 11×12 and its no where close to a high quality save since that would take forever to load.

Next type project is a collage not using the computer to set type (in other words we have to cut/trace/scan etc. print from random sources). The theme is Love Me, Hate Me, Want Me. Figure its perfect timing and should be able to think of something.

Next Digital publishing project is an interactive card. I am going with the kids fortune telling origami inspired wedding invitation. Really looking forward to that.

Thats it for now.

Peace, love and hippos.


Sara Graves- Martinez
wow, those are crazy side effects! great graphics though =] [or whatever the computer lingo is] they are super cool! good stuff…
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on March 4, 2009 – Wednesday – 10:47 PM
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So before the kids left for Jasons they were sick but on there way to doing better. Hope had a horrible diaper rash but that got cleared up  (another appeared all over her body though) but Ian just got worse and worse, Jason should have taken him in to the doctor but didnt…

So upon picking them up at daycare on Monday I realized that they both needed a trip to the doctor. So we headed there yesterday morning.

Hopes got a double ear infection and the rash that popped up all over her body was a strep rash, makes since.

Ians got tonsillitis, bronchialitis, and an ear infection in the left ear. He kept coughing and coughing and nothing was helping and what explains it is that his tonsils and uvual are so swollen that the uvual is stuck to the tonsil and the irritation keeps him coughing. Tonsilitis keeps comming up so I am thinking they will probably have to be removed…fun.

And since they both have two different things I had the pleasure to keeping them away from each other for 24 hours. Thats done and over with though and they seem to be getting better already.

Boone and I are staying in tonight. I dont recall doing anything for newyears since 2001 and this year wont be any different. Although we are both looking forward to having a night in with each other. Can you belive that, Boone is looking forward to not going out and just being with me. hehehe

Look at his super sweet blog from Christmas…it makes me all giddy so I am passing it along.

I LOVE JULI!!! You know why? (don’t answer) She is awesome. She understands my problems, and if she doesn’t, she tries to. She asks. Not only that, She can love me thru all my faults (none of which are even close to what I have done in the past.) She is Kind, Giving, and Intelligent beyond her years. She is the type of woman every man dreams of. If you knew this woman as intimate as I do you could understand. If you are her ex-husband,YOU FUCKED-UP.
I am straying from the point.
JULI IS MY LOVE! May she always be so in my life!!!


Sara Graves- Martinez
awe…. so sweet!

i wish the kids were feeling better!! i guess it is the daycare thing huh? better to get it over with now that to wait till kindergarten i guess!!!

hope they feel better soon!!!!



So that went incredibly fast and the house was surprisingly very clean after Boone and Calebs birthday party. Aside from been bottles, cans and cups in the trash can and a handful left on the counter you would have never known that anything happened. Its went well, Boones butt makes me cringe at the thought of it. 33 spankings and he didnt even flinch. I did have to be a bitch and run everyone off really quickly though, Hope was awake (next door at my parents) and I needed to get her. 

All three of us are sick but I think it will come and go fast. I took Hope to daycare and Ian stayed home with me. Hopefully this medicine will knock him out quickly. We went by the store and picked up a cake mix and made cupcakes this morning.

All in all everything is going wonderfully still. Check out the birthday pics and videos later when they finish uploading.


Sara Graves- Martinez
ha ha… great pics! looks like you guys had lots of fun!! =]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 15, 2008 – Monday – 9:15 PM
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Oh please oh please oh please

Make it stop…

So I missed yet another day of school today. Seems we cant go more then 10 days without someone getting sick. This time it was all three of us and it is not pretty.

Hope just wont be happy, cries if you hold her and cries if you put her down. Blowouts have lessened from hourly to a couple a day.

Ians doing okay but still puking although unlike last night (which was hourly for both him, hope and me) its down to just twice since bedtime which was at 8.

I am doing good but I am soooo tired, something about getting up hourly and changing diapers, sheets, blankets and clothes at night that seems to have wore me down.

And to top it off I (well we) got Boone sick. Whoops. So now he is feeling what we have. He was sweet enough to stay here yesterday and help with the kids and me but now he is paying for it and I feel terrible.

I cant focus on anything at all but the annoyance of my profile and the curiosity of this profile 2.0 thing got the better of me so I just switched to that. I am working on the blog to match…

Looking forward to Thursday with the girls. Woot.


So Boone and I are really officially over, sigh. Nothing to add…

So Ians been sick (as was I) with the whole coughing until he throws up. It started on Wednesday and is still continuing. Fun times I tell you. Nothing like waking up to coughing followed by a splash sound over the monitor. So I go in with me handy flashlight to see what awaits, dora spagettios all over the floor. He was sound asleep though. So I pick him up, take him to my room, change him, give him more medicine, breathing treatment, turn on humidifier with vicks, unkers up his chest and some vitamin water to boot.

I think he will be fine for school tomorrow.

I am tired but my mind wont shut off. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night and even then it was spent with me flipping back and forth.

I cant believe Hope is going to be a year old in two weeks, crazy, simply crazy, the rollercoaster my life has become.

I think he has pneumonia…

Ian still has a fever, it comes down after tylenol or motrin but after a few hours it flares right back up. Poor thing is burning up at the moment, flipping back and forth in my bed. So I wont be taking him to school again tomorrow…

About this math class. I have already missed enough days that my max grade would be a 3.0 and even then thats with perfect scores on everything (which wont happen). I wont risk my gpa for it so I have elected to drop it and then take the one below it next semester. Its been entirely to long since I took a math class (13 years).

I dont know the basics of algebra and I should in order to not get lost. Yeah, I can study and play catch up but when I have 4 other classes with multiple things going on in them then catch up doesnt seem to work.

I know better next semester to not take 15 (or shall I say 27) hours. Its just to difficult.

I am so exhausted, when Ian has fevers I hover him since he has a history of febrile seziures. I left typography early to come home and finish some projects and fell asleep while working on one. Figured I needed a nap so I napped for an hour before Boone called, waking me up.

It will be past 2 when I go to sleep tonight, joy.

Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Remember we have two minor emergency facilities that are good places if you need to use them!
Posted by Always Màthair on October 1, 2008 – Wednesday – 10:59 AM
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Oh man, that’s rough all around. I’m sorry your little guy is sick, and it’s terrible that you’ve had to drop your class. You’re right though, dropping it is for the best. I hope things get back on track with both of you really soon.
Posted by Renee on October 1, 2008 – Wednesday – 3:41 PM
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Emergency rooms are…

So I leave comp illus. class today and head to math. Plop down on the floor and start playing a game on my phone. Within minutes mom calls and says she is heading to the emergency room, the doctor wouldnt see Ian because his temp was high and his stomach hurt.

So I leave math (which means I am going to have to drop that class, its just to much work for me at the moment) and head home to pick up mom and Ian and head to northwest.

For the first time ever I wanted to be back in Lubbock. Both hospitals there have childrens emergency rooms with hardly a wait. NOT the same here, uck uck UCK!

I show up to pick them up and Ian seems fine so I think its a waste of time taking him in but we went anyways. So after standing in line 45 minutes just to say we were there, mom swore up and down that since the doctors office called ahead of time that that would somehow get up in front of others. I told her thats not how emergency rooms works, we werent dining at Chilis after all, but she didnt believe me.

Anywho, the girl at the desk could tell I didnt want to be there and that I felt we were wasting peoples time so she took Ian right in to get a vital. 97.0…hows that for a temp. Seems that Ians was high (it was 101.8 at the doctors but they added 2, yes TWO whole points to that) but once they gave him motrin it was down within an hour. Why this wasnt done at home is beyond me but eh, my parents tend to freak out when it comes to such things and I suppose its better safe then sorry. Me on the otherhand, well, it takes a LOT to concern me.

Anywho, she takes the temp and sends us back to the waiting room with at least a 2 hour wait. I did NOT want to be there and told mom it was useless a few times. Thankfully the poor girl (probably 16-18) behind us that really was sick threw up all over the floor for mom to realize that we didnt need to be there (she also grasped why I freaked out when Ians blanket touched the floor).

So that was my day, completely thrown off because of this whole ordeal. Life would be a million times easier with Jason living here…

And on that note I have a project for comp ill that I should have finished tonight but thats not happening. No worries though, I will have it mounted and finised by wednesday! Promise!!!


Sara Graves- Martinez
oh juli!! i pray you do not get discouraged!! you are such a strong person… and you know it isnt going to be easy, and you are doing it anyway!! stay strong hon! all this WILL pay off in the end!!!!
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:58 AM
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Cheyenne aka Mommy
Ah yes, the joys of motherhood and single parenthood. I am so thankful Ian is not seriously ill. I am also glad to hear that you are staying strong through all of this. You are capable of greatness and your children see that. They appreciate, despite their inability to understand everything you do at this time, the sacrifice and devotion you have given to and for them. You will succeed at your schooling and succeed as a hard working mother for them. Congratulations to you for being the best mom you can be.
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 9:11 AM
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Ah, another reason I’m glad I haven’t had kids yet lol. Those emergency rooms just creep me out, I hate the doctors.

I think there has been something travelling around lately, I want to walk around like the asians and just keep a doctors mask on. That way I could protect myself AND freak people out…I should just go full scale and do the whole gasmask thing *nod nod*

And that sucks about your math, if you need help I can try. Carol is far better than I am with that kind of stuff, but I’m sure either one of us would help if you needed it 😀

Have fun on your next biohazardous adventure 😀

Posted by Luke on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 12:48 PM
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Good bob

Glad the weekend is over. Cannibal is awesome, wish this city could grasp that not all theater is men in tights. People complain that this city it so boring (I have been guilty of saying it) but if you just LOOK you will find cool stuff. Seriously people, Amarillo isnt so bad afterall.

Ian came home sick again, fever was 101.3 (ear) about an hour ago. Which means he probably wont be going to daycare again. Dammit dammit dammit.

Hopefully next weekend will be better, I have the kids all weekend and wont be going anywhere. I am looking forward to it.

I am tired, drained emotionally and physically and just want to go curl up in bed and go to sleep. But homework is calling.

? Jøå??? ?
im sowwwyyy i couldnt come!!plz dont hurt me on tuesday…!!hahahaha
and sorryyy to hear that ure son is sick..hope he gets well sooooooooon!!!
c u on tuesday hope fully!
Posted by ? Jøå??? ? on September 29, 2008 – Monday – 1:33 AM
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I feel as if I am drowning

I have so much to do yet no time to do it. It doesnt help that last week was a horrible sinus/cold disaster, then it got better for a day only to then be followed by puke fest. Urg. And I am in a crappy mood, lol.

Lets see, Thursday Boone came home rather early because he was sick. Friday he was even worse but as the night went on he felt better, I in turn started getting tired again and went to sleep by 10:30 while he stayed up past 3 playing mario kart. Saturday I had a family/friends birthday party to attend and after that I had 3 hours of tattoo work done. About the last hour of it I started feeling yucko but figured it was just nerves (I had just spent 2 hours with Jason).

Boone came back to get me (bringing kirby along), we swung by hobby lobby to get some stuff and then to Ang’s to wash my tat and so she could see it. After sitting there for a bit I started feeling even worse and figured I just needed food. Dropped off Kirby and went to Fridays. By that point in time I felt.like.shit. But for some odd reason I figured I would be fine if we changed venues so we headed to the spotted pony. Bad idea, not only did I feel like I was a couple of shades of green I was also not in a happy mood.

Note to anyone reading: Please dont ask me if my tattoo fake. Its a dumbass question.
One, why would I have a sticky/shiny fake tattoo?
Two, why would only some of the coloring be completed on a fake tattoo?
Three, do fake tattoo come in chest piece sizes?
Four, do I really look like someone that would sport a fake tattoo? Really now…

It didnt really hurt though, the only times where it was annoying was when he was reaching over me almost choking me and when he was doing the very center and down near my armpits. For the most part it was relaxing, yes…relaxing. But I am odd like that. Next appointment is October 11th. 

Anywho, so since I felt like shit and after the forth time Beard asked “is that a fake tattoo” I had Boone drive me home. Came home, he tucked me in and rubbed my back till I passed out. 3am comes along and it was a mad dash to the toilet, ugh.

Turns out Jason and Dave got the same thing but much worse. Ian came home with it too, he couldnt keep anything down past 10pm last night for more then an hour. Poor kid, so he stayed home today while Hope went to daycare.

I hate being sick and I hate when my kids are sick. Makes me feel bad.

So here are a couple pics, not good ones though since they were taken with my phone.

This is the very top of my shoulder.

About half of it.


Sara Graves- Martinez
sorry you have been sick sweetie!!

great tat!! some people are idiots! =] there is no way that looks fake!! =]

hope lil ian feels better!!

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:25 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Looks like a good start on something that I know is going to be awesome!
Hang in there, I imagine your immune system is weakened and starting the tatt just brought it out.
I hate being sick too! And I really hate it when it is so bad you have to stay close to the toilet! It will pass when your body is done fighting it…hopefully!!! I miss getting tattoos, there is something mystical in the process, or there always was for me. I hate it though when there are a bunch of ding dongs in tatt shops farting around disturbing the air and my calm that I aim for in the setting. Haven’t had any work in a very long time!
You are carrying a full load right now, so get as much peace that you can in between!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 10:20 AM
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they got me sick, too
Posted by sarah on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 11:20 AM
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Cheyenne aka Mommy
I love your tattoo. I think it looks very nice and it is no way fake. I hope you all get better very quickly. Hopefully Hope wont get it.
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on September 17, 2008 – Wednesday – 7:55 AM
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Chicken pox…..the second time around?

So last week I started getting these gross spots on my upper body. They itched like nothing before. Then one appeared on my cheek and then my arm but no more appeared. I really thought they looked like Chicken pox but I had them when I was younger so I thought I couldnt get them again. I figured I came into something I was allergic too but to my knowledge I am not allergic to anything. So then I thought it might be eczema (even though I have never had that either) so I looked up pictures on the net These spots look absolutly nothing like eczema, they look exactly like the picture below, which is  cp.

Turns out that second occurences of cp do happen (and I am NOT talking about shingles) and they are usually mild. Huh, new to me! I figure I caught it while in Amarillo and I am assuming that one of the kids at the reception (that didnt even have cake!) just got a vax and since its a live virus and sheds that I picked it up there. I called mom to tell her about it and she said when I had cp the first time around it was very mild (I had about 7 pustules, same as now). Sooo….yeah. Hopefully Ian gets cp too!

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