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Multiple times a day,

I think to myself a new blog. Unfortunatly I never type it up. Last January I got this url and server space intending to move my myspace blogs over. Occasionally I would work on it but after moving a few blogs over I became tired of it. I stopped blogging cause I didnt want to move even more blogs from myspace to here. I didnt post them here because I didnt want to link to the site until I had all the blogs moved over. lol. Now they are all moved. woot!

I have been going to counciling for a little over 3 months now (I think) and its helped tremendously. So much so that now I just go every 4 weeks. I have learned to better deal with the everything. Learned that its okay to be sad, to mourn, to be angry etc. I need to allow myself those feelings, for said amount of time and then move on. It was the moving on that I had a problem with.

So the 23rd will mark my 3 month single anniversary. Its a big thing for me, longest I have ever been single. And its nice, lonley at spurts but a whole lot easier on my nerves.

I am going to school in the summer, summer I was math and History II and Summer II (now) is just a math class. Also working part time with awesome people doing stuff I love. Kids are doing great (well except Ians sick again). Hopes saying new words every day and insists on her hair being done. Ians busy coloring/crafting and talk talk talking up a storm.

We have officially gotten things under control. Same routines, etc. Jason and I are doing fantastic, our co-parenting is something I think we should both be very proud of. It certainly reflects in the kids.

After reposting all the blogs I realized how much I love it and I am a little sad that I havent been doing them for the last 6 months. But from here on out I am aiming for at least weekly.

The sites not prettied up, I seem to have forgotten a great deal of my coding skills but I have a rough idea of what I want. My myspace blogs were half butt moved over so even though a comment box appears you cant leave a comment. Go down to the actual comment link for wordpress.

And lastly,

welcome to Story About A Girl!

Its been a while

and will probably be longer before I blog again. I just dont have the time right now, plus when I do they will probably be on my website not myspace.

I was taking a short break, I had all sorts of school work to catch up on and now I am working full time for the next couple weeks. So I have been slammed. Checked my grades last night, 2 A’s and 1 B…not so bad.

But theese last (almost 4) weeks have been the best weeks I have had in years. Lots of absolutly great things have happened, not one bad day out of the bunch and thats even with projects getting corrupted and having to start over, my first speeding ticket in almost 13 years and craziness with finals.

So life IS good GREAT! I am going to miss my fellow graphic design students over the summer though…

Bad news first

I still feel like crap, wanting to vomit on a constant basis sucks (because of the antibiotics). I am also still out of it for the most part, got to school around 8:30am and didnt leave until 5:15 pm with no breaks, didnt even remember to go pee. lol Didnt eat either.

But the good news is I was one of the three picked out of my typography (I think 13 are in our class) class to have our work showcased in the library. It will be showcased from May1st to July 1st on the first floor.

That made me rather happy! Also made a 95 on my last math test, woot.

And with that I am off to curl up in bed and hopefully get some sleep. I woke up hourly last night. 🙁


Sara Graves- Martinez
wow! i am so happy that you are doing so well in school! wish you felt better! i will pray for you… =]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on April 15, 2009 – Wednesday – 9:02 PM
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Not a lovely day

So our latest project in type was to make a movie poster with your own hand made type. No images (well you could add them but they couldnt be the focus). The movie had to be from the sixties or seventies.

I chose a clockwork orange. Only one was due but I enjoyed making both forms, one is a stamp I made (drew out the type, transferred to the block, carved it and inked it) and the other is spilled “milk” (which was water and cornstarch) so my intent was to turn both in.

I finished them both yesterday, called kinkos to see how long it would need take to print (a couple minutes) and an hour and 20 mins before class I headed that way to print my stuff. I stood around for a while, (Colton happened to come to kinkos to print as well) and realized that they couldnt print our documents and when I had called a few hours earlier they should have told me that the printer had been broken for at least a day. So they say they will email it over to the other kinkos and by the time we get there it should be ready. They also called them, we stood back and listened to them call and explain what happened and made sure their printer worked.

So I had colton drive since I knew he would fly through traffic and get us there quick. We got there and the one lady there (talking 6 minute drive here) had no idea what we were talking about. So I said fine, act like we didnt say anything about an email and just print what we have.

She fumbled through it not understanding what to do, the document wouldnt open, then it was the wrong size, etc (btw, the document opened just fine and was the correct size I dont know what the hell she was doing).

We get them printed (over and hour later) and fly back to the other kinkos to spray mount them in this horrible wind. He dropped me off at the door and I fly upstairs to get there in time (if we are late its auto F).

Ugh, the spray mount didnt really work and both of our posters were slowly peeling off their boards by the time it came to presentation. So my A will be a B at the most because of the shatty mounting job. I finished the project early, printed it yesterday at school but didnt like the look (wanted a glossy print) so I decided to run by kinkos instead. I already had my board cut correctly and gave myself plenty of time for a 5 minute mounting job. Its the only time I have given myself that much time and printed it professionally…and it comes back and bites me in the ass. 🙁

After class I swung by to take a math test (should be an A) then went to the store to get a few things. I get home and the board thing that dad put up on one side of the porch (so the dog wouldnt escape from the yard via my porch) had blown down and broken into a lot of pieces. Fark. But whatever, I can get the groceries in the house a little easier now. So I stack them all on the porch then move them from the porch to my kitchen floor.

The the stupid effing dog goes and pees on the bags that I have laying out of the porch. Seriously sums my day up right there. And to top it off I am getting some sort of cold, my ears, throat and nose hurt like hell.

But without further ado here are my posters. The spilled milk one I plan on reprinting (since the wind bent it bad) and remounting and framing it for the living room. Originals are 10×16 inches. The files are huge so it might take a while for them to appear.



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Sara Graves- Martinez
i love your projects, they look great.
sorry you had a bad day! bad days tend to snowball like that don’t they?
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on April 10, 2009 – Friday – 9:36 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
oh I really like the spilled milk one!
And I hate that Kinkos put you through all that!
I hope you write a letter to the corporate manager, along with your friend, and give em bloody ell!
Posted by Always Màthair on April 10, 2009 – Friday – 1:03 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
I also think you did a great job on your block! that took a lot of work!
Posted by Always Màthair on April 10, 2009 – Friday – 1:04 PM
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Love me, Hate me, Want me

Finished this up last night, critique was today. The originals are 9×9, saving them and uploading them I halved the file size so the quality is not 100%. The grittiness is supposed to be there. Had to make 3 collages of found type, the only time the computer was used was to put the document together.

Theme was love me, want me, hate me.

Love me, Want me

Hate Me

Love Me

Thanks for the inspiration for the hate one, yall know who you are. 😉


Sara Graves- Martinez
hah! this is great.
i love that you thank the people that inspired you! you’re just awesome!
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on March 12, 2009 – Thursday – 3:59 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
wow, interesting piece! I like it
Posted by Always Màthair on March 12, 2009 – Thursday – 8:11 PM
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Boone Smith
This is one of your best! I’m very impressed. You have picked the right field of study. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Love ya.
Posted by Boone on March 13, 2009 – Friday – 5:03 PM

This type project

Sometimes I think that maybe this whole graphic design thing isnt me and then sometimes it hits me that its totally the right choice.

Admittedly I am a slacker when it comes to the projects, a few days before I am cramming so I can have something to critique and get a grade. 😉

My new type project is to take forms of type, on signs, in magazine, products etc. and make a collage. Funnily enough the theme is love me, hate me, want me. So for the past weeks I have engulfed myself in the project, who would have know that those feelings would be running so deep within me at the time.

I keep stumbling across things that scream out to me that that would be perfect, stuff so simple as my toothpaste…sensitivity.

I am much more sure of myself this semester but maybe thats cause I have a better grip on illustrator, that was such a high learning curve for me and I think I just got stuck mentally when it came to using the program.

And with that I am off for the night. Its been a great day and last night was good, nice loooooong conversation with Boone clearing up things on both sides of the fence.


This sickness thing sucks, I am over it but Ians still battling it and Hope got sent home today with a temp over 102 (and its still high after tylenol).


Ian has been a huge tyrant, not his usual self at all. He has his stubborn moments but this was different. Well after sitting in lecture today going through what could be different, it occurred to me that I started him back on his pulmicort to help with the cough.

And then I remembered that it was a steroid. Ugh again and well…duh.

Look at this
Side Effects

Yikes. I am normally very good at looking at anything that goes into him but his poor cough was so bad that I just jumped at that solution.

Lesson learned I suppose. Hopefully I will have my sane, sweet child back soon.

Hopes officially walking now and its super cute. I knew she would get it down but in her own time. Ians doing awesome with reading too.

Finally caught up with everything (minus a test). Here are a few of my last projects. One was for type, had to do a visual hierarchy project using body copy, letter form (so pick a letter, any letter) and a headline. It was a fun project….here are some pics. BAD quality though, the originals are 8×8 so shrunk down you miss a lot.


And here is my newest Ad for a clothing store for digital publishing. I had the headline “The best” to work with, had to fill in the rest. The body copy was set for me. Had to make the logo (the NewWear at the bottom) as well.
Click for a better view, the actual size is close to 11×12 and its no where close to a high quality save since that would take forever to load.

Next type project is a collage not using the computer to set type (in other words we have to cut/trace/scan etc. print from random sources). The theme is Love Me, Hate Me, Want Me. Figure its perfect timing and should be able to think of something.

Next Digital publishing project is an interactive card. I am going with the kids fortune telling origami inspired wedding invitation. Really looking forward to that.

Thats it for now.

Peace, love and hippos.


Sara Graves- Martinez
wow, those are crazy side effects! great graphics though =] [or whatever the computer lingo is] they are super cool! good stuff…
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on March 4, 2009 – Wednesday – 10:47 PM
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So I just looked up my books for next semester, out of the 4 classes I assumed that I would only need books for 2 and that assumption was correct. BUT the books for those two classes are 144 and 159 and even used on Amazon still wasnt that cheap for one of them. Oh well, still cheaper then the massive amount I spent on books this last semester and all the art supplies.

So I am sitting here budgeting my next 5-7 months. IF I can get a grant for summer then I will take classes, if I cant then I will get a job for a few months, no biggie. Hoping I can get a grant though because the faster I get done with school the better.

Also budgeting in a new laptop, I dont NEEEEED one but I am getting so tired of laying things out on a pc and them not transferring correctly to the mac. So I will downgrade from a 17″ with a 10 key to a 15.4 with no 10 key but upgrade up a much faster processor and double my RAM. And hopefully, after getting new hinges I can selll this one. Its super nice still but just not what I need right now. That and hauling this big thing around is a chore.

And also, come late February or mid March Boone and I are going on our 1 year anniversary trip. Crazy to think that the one year mark is just around the corner. He just wants to go somewhere with me and only me and that sounds perfect. Dallas will probably be the place we go since I know my way around for the most part. I am a stickler for a 3.5 (at least) star hotel though, nothing like dancing around in the elevator with a bunch of snotty people, makes my day.

The kids are sick, as well as me, but I seem to be getting it over rather quickly. Ian and Hope are just sleeping all day which will help them more then anything. So its just me and my laptop….

Jason should be here this weekend (and on) for a bit. School starts much earlier for him at tech then for me so his stay will be short. Which kind of makes me sad but also find it funny that I get a month break.  He hasnt seen the kids since the 29th, I just dont know how he can do it. Hopefully he will stay till the first so I can go out.

Hope needs to start walking, she cruises everything but just wont stand on her own. She can though because she does so in the tub. Ians attitude seems to be better, there for a couple weeks it was bad but he has calmed back down. I am bored already and havent even been out of school for a week. While Jason is in town I am making Christmas candy for everyone, if you want some then list your favorites since I only have a few recipies.

One of Boones birthmas presents should be coming in the mail soon (as well as mine, I couldnt resist gettting one too) and I am looking forward to that, hope he likes it.

I <3 everything about my life right now, family, friends…everything! Its nice to be able to just contently sit and be happy.

Omg, I cant believe it I AM…

Current mood:  ecstatic


paring to go to school next semester because I passed. Two A’s and two B’s (plus that stupid F thanks to not being able to drop) means I am over a 2.0 so a-okay for next semester. Yay!

Cheyenne aka Mommy
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your hard work paid off. Best wishes to you for next semester. Keep the momentum going. 🙂
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on December 11, 2008 – Thursday – 1:44 PM
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Sara Graves- Martinez
yay!!! congrats and good luck =]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 12, 2008 – Friday – 9:25 AM

Going to miss it

So this semester has been…challenging but rewarding as well. Today was the last “day”, Monday and Tuesday I have to go to pick up and drop off projects but the last real day was today. What cracks me up most is that the kid that annoyed the ever loving shit out of me (see past blog) actually turned out to be an awesome guy that I am happy to call a friend. We had every.single.class together and next semester will be the same (except for a math class). A handful of us had all our classes together and I am assuming it will be that way until we get our degrees since the class schedule is pretty much set in stone.

I also learned to look past my typo teachers shoes, for weeks now I havent even paid attention to them. lol I didnt learn a darn thing but it was a good opportunity to do various project and have some creative freedom that didnt really happen in my other classes. And despite my one C in the class everything else has been good so I should get an A. We ended up moving past our differences although I will never know what she meant when she told me that I would go far if I acted lady like. lol But hey, she told Enrique that he will never find a good woman to marry if he doesnt do good in school, I think I will take the lady like comment thank you very much.

I hope I get to go to school next semester but thats up in the air until grades are posted. I ended up NOT being able to drop my math (it was remedial) class so I will get an F which means I have to have good grades in the other classes. I wont know what those are until they are posted, my average in all of them was good but if any teachers count off for attendance then I am screwed.

At any rate I am going to miss it and if I get to go next semester I think it will be a much easier transition. At the beginning of the semester it was awkward and entirely to quiet but by then end we had all loosened up.

I have a weekend packed full of final projects. Yay. And Boones birthday is the 13th, the plan is for the party to be here but you never know with him.

I needed pictures today for a final and in the process snapped some pics of my favorite peeps at school, go take a look at where I spend hours upon hours of my time.

I am SO glad that you did this for yourself. I hope everything works out and you can continue. I miss school, I really enjoyed it despite the lack of sleep. 😉 Keep going, keep pushing. Make your life what you want it to be. I am proud of you.
Posted by CrazyRED on December 7, 2008 – Sunday – 6:04 PM
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Towel laundry

I am thinking this whole school thing is going to be a wash. The numerous projects to bring home are stressing me out. The realization that this supposed two year degree has now turned to at least a 3 year is also stressing me out. By the time I am done with school I will have an ass load of loans to pay off.

I am burnt out already and feel as if I would be just as burnt out with a smaller load. I just have no desire to bring crap home, at all.

I just want a job, thats it, a job. And a new set of hair since I royally fucked mine up last week.

I cant sleep, tossing and turning in bed trying to figure out what to do.

Its this stupid month, I am so ready for it to be over with.

Looks much better on a mac…

Seriously, this image looks horrible on my laptop but at school the two images meshed perfectly and looked as if they were one realistic image. Anywho, our project was to take two products and mesh them into one. So I chose a gun and a flower vase.

Thats all one graphic, as in the “artwork” is all done by hand. It could be much better but I ran out of time. 🙁

So glad tomorrow is Thursday!


Sara Graves- Martinez
pretty cool… you are one talented chica!! =]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on October 8, 2008 – Wednesday – 6:51 PM
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Either she is waiting for a ton of snow of a ton of rain…

Either way, this typography teacher will be prepared. Todays fine shoe of choice, black snow boots, pants tucked into the top of them of course.

Anywho, class was today and not one word was said to me or the girl next to me. Everyone else she walked around to, us? Not so much. lol

You could tell she had been talked to, I didnt hear her insult one student which is a first.

I am so exhausted…

Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
INteresting! congratulations for having the courage to open the box!
Are you taking your vitamins??? Take a good deep relaxing breath when you feel the crunch, it should help you keep your smile!
Have a GREAT day! Seriously!
Posted by Always Màthair on October 8, 2008 – Wednesday – 6:45 AM
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I hate it when the depression hits

I swear today (and last weekend) I have cried at the drop of a hat. Its so frustrating not having someone “here” to talk to. Yeah, I have plenty of great friends but convos over the phone only go so far. I need to be able to see the person I am talking to. It really makes me miss married life.

I am getting that totally overwhelmed, oh shit what do I do feeling again. School is eh, I like it but wonder if its really the direction I need to be going in. Not really school as a whole but this whole graphics thing, I love doing it but sitting behind a computer staring at some adobe program will probably get old. I am such a social person, are social people doing graphic design? I thought they would but man, when we do presentations hardly anyone says a thing and usually when they do it comes out awkward and forced.

Is something more social the way I should go. Before the graphic design thing I thought of some sort of social services route but assumed that the burden of the job would come home with me. But going to school and being such a “voice” makes me think that I should probably take that “voice” and use it for the greater good.

Now making graphics for some sort of design company with a “hippy” view would be awesome but in Amarillo, I think not. And even in a big city, yeah right. I dont want to be know for doing an awesome tampax ad dammit, I want to be known for doing something that makes you think.

I am realizing that thats slim pickings. I feel like at 28, married and divorced having 2 kids I shouldnt feel 14, lost and unable to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up”. I feel like I have to get it all done now but if I get it done now and hate it later then will it all be a waste?

Any advice would be helpful. Yall know me, tell me what you think. Tell me what you think I would be good at. Please!

About the depression thing. In my closet is the playdoh thing I bought for Ian when I was pregnant. About thirty minutes before Jason would come home I would lay out a sheet with a big piece of plexi glass on it and let Ian go to town. He would play for a while and by the time Jason got home he would be bored with it. I picked it up and Jason always shook out the sheet when he came home.

Also, the two times nicole came over…

Let me interject some info here, we had my homebirth planned from conception but no one in our families knew about it. For local backup Jason picked a friend he trusted to come be with/pick up Ian if anything happened. So a couple months before I was due this person came over a few times to bond with Ian. This person just so happened to be the person that Jason had an affair with (and it still with). Yeah, it still stings to know that he wanted this person to be there when I was in labor. The very thought of it makes me vomit a little.

…they played with the playdoh. Thus the playdoh reminds me of her and of Jason. Two things I would rather not be reminded of.

Anywho, the playdoh thing is in my closet and Ian can see it and when he sees it he asks to play with it. I cant get that playdoh down, I just cant do it. I need to throw the stupid thing away actually and get him another set. But just asking to play with it sends me into this “how things used to be” mode that I dont like.

I get stuck in it seemingly forgetting the growth and happiness that has happened in these last 7 months. Almost feeling like I would throw it all away to have someone here daily to talk to but thats silly and I know it.

I am piled with laundry, dishes and homework but have no desire to do it, any of it. But the piles of crap to do make me nervous and unable to concentrate, its like some sort of loose loose situation. I need to get up and do stuff but I am so depressed about doing it alone that its just piles. Thats not to say the house is gross but a days worth of dishes drives me bonkers. This is coming from someone that would freak if ANY dish was left in the sink for any amount of time. Use it wash it, thats what used to happen.

I just need to snap out of it, quickly. I can always tell when I am lonely, Ian sleeps with me. The 4.5 year old snoring has this sort of calming effect.

Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Bless your heart, you are trying to move forward with your life so fast to forget the past that it just jumps up and bites the crap out of you!
First thing I would do…GET RID OF THE DAMMED PLAY DOUGH!!! and get him so me fresh stuff! Quit procrastinating on that tidbit girl!
Get rid of anything that sets you off right now that reminds you of him or her. If you can’t bare to throw it away, PUT it in boxes, or plastic bins, tape them closed and move them to another property until you can objectively look at it and it doesn’t hurt anymore!!! I’d say at the least two years, then you should be more stable to go through the stuff and see what you really need to keep if anything. I got that from my own situation with Harleys dad…after moving out it took me two years to find myself again and feel secure and loosing the co-dependant guilt trips that I was on for so long. It wasn’t easy, I cried a lot, tried to be nice to him, but came to understand that he has his own path he has to walk and I have mine. I was trying to carry us both and I was blinded by living with his addictions.

Next, you need to take yourself out somewhere alone and listen for that still small voice that talks to us with the things we know are right for us, but that we are afraid to listen to.
That voice that gives you that feeling of truth, of the oh ya! Of the gifts that you were blessed with that will make your life pleasurable again.
Listen to life around you, listen to your thoughts away from the madness of humanity.
If you decide that you may not be going in the right carrier direction any longer take a look at what else you could do!
Your right about Amarillo…your not going to find the openness and variety like you would in a bigger city, but at the same time Amarillo is safe, small and seems like we all come back!
There are a lot of ecological things going on right now that a lot of young people are getting into. All the green stuff and all, the aging baby boomers, retirement issues, health and education issues. Somewhere in there you might find yourself!
And lastly…lighten up on yourself, get out in the sun more, laugh, sing, dance for the shear joy of being able to! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! YOu have been through a lot, and now may not be the time to load yourself up so much…and I don’t know how you feel about antidepressants and anti anxiety meds but don’t wait until it is uncontrollable to get help help in that area too!!!!
Make yourself at lest do your dishes and that might make you feel like doing something more the next day and the next!
I wish I had the right answers for you, because I truly understand. But we have to listen to our own heart for the right answers for ourselves! …baby steps!

Posted by Always Màthair on October 4, 2008 – Saturday – 11:42 PM
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leggo de Burgerac
i love you.

that is all.

you are loved and special.

know it.

embrase it.

be at peace.

you are loved.

Posted by leggo on October 5, 2008 – Sunday – 5:24 AM
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Oh I so feel for you Juli! I know how it feels. Have you considered going to Family Support Services for some counseling? I know, nobody wants to go to counseling, but I really think it could help with having someone to talk with. As to career paths, you know only you can make that decision but being an advocate (aka social worker, etc) is a very draining job and though it is rewarding, it is depressing at a whole new level. Anyway if you ever want to ask any questions about that I would gladly give you my thoughts. Well just wanted to say hi and tell you I’m thinking about you!
Posted by Kara on October 5, 2008 – Sunday – 9:40 AM
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Can I get kicked out of a class?

When I was young I wanted to be an attorney. Why? Because I liked to argue. In high school my favorite class was…debate. In college (ten years ago) my favorite class was speech. Get the picture? I dont mind standing in front of people and talking, I have no problems voicing my opinion and if you are wrong I will let you know. It takes a lot to get on the bad side of me but when you do it usually isnt pretty…

So the crap hit the fan in typography today. I got my quote grade back today…C! Not a deserved C either (if its a deserved c then I take it like a big girl like I did with my C in comp ill). So today we get our quotes back with a post it. I look around at other peoples and they all have good grades, Bs and A+s. So I put my post it on my head and call the teacher over to ask whats up.

I should start by saying that when we presented them (and this class is totally informal) I was one of the few that actually got up and said anything. And one of the first things I said was that I was originally doing a fear and loathing quote but she didnt like it so I scrapped it. Then I talked about the quote I had done and noted that I downloaded the font. I mentioned the font thing because she attempted to talk another student down for downloading one because last time the teacher tried to do that her computer locked up and she had to pay 150 to fix it. Sorry, but thats sad. If your to stupid to think that every file on the internet is corrupted then I will happily correct you…and I did. I didnt do it rudely, just mentioned it. She snottily told me that I was risking it downloading stuff and I then asked her how she did anything on the internet if she didnt download anything. She looked stupid/er so I changed the question to how do you get fonts. She said she paid for them, I went pfffftttt in her face and walked away. lol It was in jest, this lady is odder then a 5 legged duck but apparently she is the almighty and I shouldnt question her, especially while standing in front of the class.

So that brings us to today and my C. I asked her why I got a C. She told me to go outside and talk to her and I refused saying that she could talk to me in class. I dont trust the lady at all and knew that a handful would hear our conversation. Anywho, her answer was that I told the class she didnt like my original. She proceeded to tell me that it wasnt that she didnt like it but that I couldnt get it to work. Thats not true, I was having trouble with the lay out and thats why I called her over but when she told me multiple times that she didnt like it then I got the picture and changed the quote.

She wanted to go outside again, I refused.

I said and I quote “I refuse to kiss you butt for a good grade”. She didnt like that at all and was pretty much flabbergasted that I said such a thing. Soooo, she tells me to apologize to her, like I am some sort of child. I refused to apologize, for one I wouldnt mean it. So she tells me that that hurts her feelings and I said join the crowd. She didnt “get it” so I repeated it and explained myself saying that she is hateful and cruel to people.

At that point she wanted to take it outside again and I refused to do so, again.

So then she said I was unprofessional and I let her know that saying the F word and shit constantly wasnt very professional either.

Its all a blur from there but I left the class shortly after.

I am pissed that she is wasting my time. The younger kids in the class probably dont care but I do. I want my degree but because I want to learn the field. She is screwing us over because she has taught us not one damn thing, nothing…nada. I can make a good grade but I will still have to take it over with a real teacher so I can actually learn typography.

Look, I love me. Self absorbed statement, probably. But I like that I have enough self respect for myself to NOT be a suck ass. It might bug a few people but I really dont care. I would rather have my friends be my friends because they like ME not some facade of me. I have always been this way and its got me a lot of respect, even from my bosses.

I dont understand the suck it up walked all over attitude. I will never degrade myself like that, never. I will stand for what I stand for no matter how against the grain it is and around here that happens a lot. If I am wrong I will apologize but dont talk to me as if I am some sort of child.

I wouldnt doubt if a few people left class today, picking there jaw up as they left. Whatever, she can kiss it as far as I am concerned.

You know what really makes this whole thing funny? My original quote, the one I told her I was going to do (but changed my mind last minute because the fear and loathing one kept coming to me).

Ready for it?

Well behaved women seldom make history.

Hows that for irrony?


Sara Graves- Martinez
wow… that sucks, you should be able to do something about her, is there another teacher that you could maybe switch to, because you are obviously not going to be treated fairly since you dont want to kiss butt. some people realy need to re-evaluate their career choice, i see it all the time. people who suck at what they do or hate what they do…. well now i am rambling… hope things get better =]=]=]

lots of luv =]=]

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on October 2, 2008 – Thursday – 8:28 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Ha! I like it!
I think these people have been around kids coming fresh out of high school too long and are used to little mousey frightened children that they can control and won’t express their freedom of choices and may not have a clue what they are doing …not expecting too many adults that aren’t afraid to speak up and question another supposed adults reasoning.
Good going! You showed people that they CAN stand up and speak and be heard! It isn’t what the teacher approves of, it is the work in the idea of trying to be creative and original in the work you and others are doing that will hopefully give them greater job opportunities in their lives! It is the professors job to interact and support those ideas and not view others work according to their personal standards.
It ain’t easy being a rebel!
We need all the originality and creativeness that can be unleashed in this world!
That is what I think anyhow!
Posted by Always Màthair on October 2, 2008 – Thursday – 10:58 PM
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*throws roses*

Very well done! Glad you finally told her to her face. Too bad I wasn’t on a work order up there, I would have brought popcorn for the class and kicked back lol. Hopefully she got it through her thick skull what she’s doing, and if she didn’t, hopefully the rest of the class did and tries to raise hell about it. You may still be able to talk to your advisor as well and try to get a special transfer due to this ordeal.

Awesome second quote too, very ironic indeed.

For what it is worth, if I ever get a work order, or even see one from her, I think we’ll have some fun 😀 Make sure she really thinks she can’t download anything on the internet. Buwhahahaha! *scheming face*

Posted by Luke on October 3, 2008 – Friday – 8:16 AM
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I knew it came from somewhere

I am a smartass, anyone that knows me knows that. Today it really dawned on me where I got it from…

Okay, this typography class changes from one of my faves to the most annoying from week to week. The teacher, as I noted before, is flighty. Sometimes she makes no sense at all. So she tells us a week and change ago that we needed to do a quote, one of our favorite ones. I have a million and one quotes that I love but the one that kept coming to me was the “dont stop here this is bat country” quote from fear and loathing.

Well, I had it mostly done but called her over for some tips or a gentle nudge to the right direction. I had the picture pulled up in illustrator of Johnny Depp when he is saying that line. My “vision” for the quote was that I would outline the glasses and the cigarette (which was done) and have the text make the shape of the smoke coming out of the cigarette (thats the part I was stuck on).

Well she comes over and says since she wasnt there the quote makes no sense to her (for some odd reason she thought a friend of mine said it) and that she didnt like it.

So now the project has progressed from “your favorite quote” to “your favorite quote so long as its familiar to me”. Alright, fine. I scrapped the quote and am doing something totally different. Pffttt.

So I come home and rant to mom about it and she came up with a brilliant idea, if anything the quote is familliar. So I present to you my quote, thanks mom for reminding me of it…

I did not have sexual relations with that woman. ~President Bill Clinton

I envision the quote being within the confines of a dress with blue type.

I know the teacher would flip her lid though, I have an actual quote but tomorrow I am going to be working on the Clinton quote and see if she says anything. lol.

Tomorrow is Thursday, woot!


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Sara Graves- Martinez
ha ha ha!!! that is just good stuff right there!! kudos to your mom…. that is def a quote that EVERYONE is familiar with!! good luck with your project hun!!

lots of love

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:14 AM
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Always Màthair
Sue Dooley
keep em’ jumpin’! Free will and a free spirit! If it weren’t for that we would all be goosestepping to a certain Pink Floyd song that we all love!
I love radicals!, I was one once but joined the supposedly higher thinking and all knowing socialist system we have…or was it that i just didn’t give a rat s*&t anymore…hmmm. Too much heavy thinking so early in the morning!
I like your idea!!!!
Let us know what comes of it!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:16 AM
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LOL Love that one!

I still want that Johnny Depp one….maybe when you have a little free time (I know, it may be a while 😀 ) but hey, if you do complete it, I shall flaunt it on my work and home pcs *nod nod*
Posted by Luke on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:39 AM
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The perpetual elevator…well thats just poor education.

My internet is down and I havent found the time to call suddenlink and have them look at it. Of course myspace says I log in all the time but thats at school, where I generally dont have the time to type up a blog. BUT since a few of you are having the twitches with nothing to read I figured I would type one up throughout my 3 hour class period. Yay.

So, I have this typography class. I was really looking forward to it, I find type to be interesting. So the first day of class I pretty much pinned the teacher as flighty. She is awefully nice but is just, well, flighty. I hate saying that about anyone but she is dammit.

She knows her field really well BUT she has no formal teaching skills, pretty much landed the job because she knows type. Thats great if you have that teaching know-how and she does not.

I think she thinks that the whole class knows Adobe Illustrator and not all of us do. She tells us to do such and such with a handfull of us just looking around blankly. Our project right now is to make a portrait out of type, easy peasy if you know illustrator. So I am stumbling through it but would be totaly lost if I wasnt taking computer illustration (which just so happens to be the class I am in).

Anywho, yesterday she told us to turn to page 12 in roman numerals in our books. The girl behind me (bless her heart) had NO idea what roman numeral are. Thats right boys and girls, they let people into college that have not clue what roman numerals are. The guy behind her, in an attempt to make the pretty young girl feel better stated that he wasnt taught them either and that was in private school. And to top off the head explosion of idiocy, he made sure to let the teacher know that roman numeral are out dated and not used anymore. You know, not used as in in the book that you are looking at thats just a few years old…oh and those clocks with the x’s and v’s…they dont really exist. lol

But to make matters worse the teacher made sure to let the class know that not knowing your roman numerals is a sign of poor education (which I agree). So that gets a few people up in arms saying things like “I’m not stupid, dont call me stupid”. Good grief.


POOR education does not equal stupid, it equals poor. If you cant grasp that simple concept then yes, you ARE stupid.

And so we move to today.

My first class of the day is drawing and I hate it, hate it I tell you. I cant draw worth a crap, not in a “here is an apple, draw it” sort of way. So I am feeling inempt when it comes to the class.

Plus its the morning, now I get up at good 3 hours before class but I am still dragging by the time class rolls around.

She put on music, for 3 hours we hear music. Drab, elevator music. By the end of the class I was so ready to step off the elevator.

And thats it, I shouldnt be typing right now anywho…naughty, naughty, me.


Sara Graves- Martinez
hee hee….

i was just on the edge of my seat waiting for a blog=]=]

many thanks juli…. many thanks=]=]


Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 3, 2008 – Wednesday – 8:26 PM
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So for my computer illustration class

We have to redesign a logo/bug (think Nike logo). We had to bring in one we found in the phone book at home. So I just opened up the phone book and ripped out a page…happened to be a plumbing place. So now we need to come up with 10 thumbnails by next class, no biggie, got mine all drawn out in class.

So while I was just sitting there in front of the computer (which happens a lot) I decided to browse around the internet for peoples logos for plumbers and came across this one…

which really made me giggle.

I also had math today and I am no longer worried. I took algebra my first semester at ac (10 years ago) but I really dont remember the class…at all. Before that I took algebra 1 and 2 at the same time my freshman year in high school and geometry my sophomore year. So its been a while but I seem to be remembering it okay.

Topography I am a little worried about. The teacher is a little flighty, in a this is how you do it sort of way BUT she uses keyboard shortcuts. And thats fine but she fails to inform us WHAT shortcuts she was using. A good portion of the class knows illustrator but I dont and I dont know how to use a mac so I am a little confused. I am a hands on person though and once I take the time to fiddle with illustrator I will have it down.

And 28 is not old but I feel like a geezer in my classes. While talking about logos the professor was saying how his son (12-15 years ago) was wanting Girbaud jeans, talking about how he wanted to be different. So he asked if anyone in the class remembered those and I was the only one…waaaahhhh!!!!

Poor kids, its just no fun having gone through your life not owning girbaud jeans and hypercolor shirts.


Sara Graves- Martinez
i agree, girbaud jeans made things interesting, who is wearing what color, they were on christmas list… usualy spelled jibo lol!! ah what a blast from the past..
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on August 28, 2008 – Thursday – 7:20 AM
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I might have been dumbed down a notch

Juxtaposition and legato, easy enough words for college students, right? Apparently not.

So this morning was my first day at school since 99. Two things I dreaded, finding a parking spot and fresh out of high school kids. Parking was easy but as mom so eloquently phrased it earlier, “hopefully you didn’t get a contact stupid”.

First class is drawing I. The teacher (her first semester at AC) tried her hardest to nudge the class at being responsive but it just wasn’t working. At the end of the syllabus was our supplies list, a big list that I was expecting thanks to Ang. So she explains that if we promise to show up next Wednesday with all our supplies then we don’t have to come this Wednesday. She says take this Wednesday to go buy your supplies but if you miss the next Wednesday then that will count as two absences. She also noted that Monday was a holiday.

You would think people would respond to this, I was certainly happy about it. Not so much the no class thing but having a week to get all the stuff. But no, the class was as responsive as a group of deaf people at a bar on karaoke night. Sadly, a good deal of them were confused.

The poor lady had to explain a few times and I still think a couple people didn’t get it and will show up Wednesday to class, heck a few might even show up on Monday…snort. So we got out early.

Noon was my next class, computer illustration. I have a feeling that a handful of us will be taking the same classes together and unfortunately most happen to be youngins. So 9am is a convenient excuse to be dumber then dirt but noon, well not so much. Some people were kind enough to read aloud the syllabus, unfortunately a couple of easy words, such as juxtaposition, were left hanging.

What really made me giggle though was the kid in front of me (that just so happens to be in drawing as well with me) acted all sorts of macho when he came in class. Talking it up to his friends, noting how dumb the drawing teacher was (and she wasn’t dumb).

After going through the syllabus he asks if we need to own illustrator. Teacher asked if he had a pc, the kid said he had a laptop…pause, teacher confused. Teacher asks if he has a pc again, kids pauses then proudly proclaims that he has a gateway (and something else, don’t remember what).

Why WHY for all the love of daisies, unicorns and rainbows, would you be taking computer graphics classes and NOT know what the question “is it a pc”was  referring too? That just made me laugh, sigh and lay my head on the table.

Math was next and that went fairly well. Instead of a male dominated classroom it was female. No moron moments in there.

So tomorrow is a new day and hopefully tonight I can get some sleep. I think I got max 2 hours last night and in that 2 hours I got up and fed Hope. So I was dragging today, maybe Ian will be nice enough to not call me a tramp tonight before bed. The good thing about insomnia? That’s when places restock hard to get video games…I scored a copy of Mario kart for the wii. YAY!


If you get a chance be sure and take a religions of the world class. THOSE are fun. LOL

Hooray for going back to school!!!!

Posted by CrazyRED on August 25, 2008 – Monday – 8:18 PM
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Sara Graves- Martinez

so glad you are going to school=]=]=]

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on August 25, 2008 – Monday – 8:46 PM
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Cheyenne aka Mommy

Sounds like a pretty eventful first day of school. I am sure most of the morons wont make it too far later on. 🙂

Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on August 26, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:28 AM
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Always Màthair
Sue Dooley

Congratulations on your first day!

Posted by Always Màthair on August 26, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:38 PM
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Well pooie

I got my first C today, everything else has been A’s thus far. It was my first logo on illlustrator and he said dont be surprised by a low grade but I am still kinda sad. Oh well, no more c’s for me dangit.

I am surprising myself with drawing though, I can draw a box really well. lol I have a math test to study for tonight, one sketch and another drawing project as well as math homework. I should be able to get all that done tonight and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

This whole school plus family thing is kicking my ass but you know what I wouldnt do a thing different. Although I never in a million years thought I would be a single mom going to school I am so happy that I have the chance to do so. I am glad that I had a chance to live a fun life with no responsibilities, then got married and had kids only to be followed by school a few years later. Would this whole thing be easier not having kids? Sure. But it wouldnt be nearly as rewarding.

By going the path that I did I was able to be a stay at home mom for Ian for 4.5 years and Hope for 9 months. Thats something I will never regret doing, ever.

And I am looking forward to Thursday…yay. Boone took Friday off so I dont have to wake up and take him to work. Squee…

Life is good, I am happily happy.

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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
I’m happy that your happy!
One day at a time mom…get through one day at a time, but prepare for tomorrow so you don’t need to fret.
You are doing great!
Have you ever thought about doing bio feedback therapy? It is great after a stressful day when you want to slow down and be able to sleep when you go to bed.
Just a thought…I love it!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 23, 2008 – Tuesday – 1:33 PM
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Good luck on making A’s from here on out.
Posted by Renee on September 24, 2008 – Wednesday – 4:51 AM
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