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So before the kids left for Jasons they were sick but on there way to doing better. Hope had a horrible diaper rash but that got cleared up  (another appeared all over her body though) but Ian just got worse and worse, Jason should have taken him in to the doctor but didnt…

So upon picking them up at daycare on Monday I realized that they both needed a trip to the doctor. So we headed there yesterday morning.

Hopes got a double ear infection and the rash that popped up all over her body was a strep rash, makes since.

Ians got tonsillitis, bronchialitis, and an ear infection in the left ear. He kept coughing and coughing and nothing was helping and what explains it is that his tonsils and uvual are so swollen that the uvual is stuck to the tonsil and the irritation keeps him coughing. Tonsilitis keeps comming up so I am thinking they will probably have to be removed…fun.

And since they both have two different things I had the pleasure to keeping them away from each other for 24 hours. Thats done and over with though and they seem to be getting better already.

Boone and I are staying in tonight. I dont recall doing anything for newyears since 2001 and this year wont be any different. Although we are both looking forward to having a night in with each other. Can you belive that, Boone is looking forward to not going out and just being with me. hehehe

Look at his super sweet blog from Christmas…it makes me all giddy so I am passing it along.

I LOVE JULI!!! You know why? (don’t answer) She is awesome. She understands my problems, and if she doesn’t, she tries to. She asks. Not only that, She can love me thru all my faults (none of which are even close to what I have done in the past.) She is Kind, Giving, and Intelligent beyond her years. She is the type of woman every man dreams of. If you knew this woman as intimate as I do you could understand. If you are her ex-husband,YOU FUCKED-UP.
I am straying from the point.
JULI IS MY LOVE! May she always be so in my life!!!


Sara Graves- Martinez
awe…. so sweet!

i wish the kids were feeling better!! i guess it is the daycare thing huh? better to get it over with now that to wait till kindergarten i guess!!!

hope they feel better soon!!!!


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