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5 day weekend

And in that 5 days I am going to finish my house up. Everything is pretty much unpacked but I still have pictures to hang. And then done, finally done. Have I mentioned how much I love this house? :p

All these new chapters keep opening in my life. One of which is potentially a pretty long one. But no one knows about that chapter, no one will for a while. Its my secret and I am not a secret keeper.

I am so grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for my lessons and for what those lessons have taught me. Even the ones that I didn’t want to go through.

Just blabbering here. But yeah, I am happy. Oh so *very* happy.

Pretty sunset


Dillas game


Ian cut his hair


I don’t even know where he got the scissors.


So I am laying here looking up at the pull cords on my fan. The longer one is the light portion, the shorter controls the fan. The fan is on full blast and because of that they are dancing around, almost rhythmically. But every once in a while they start getting caught up in it all. They move crazily, out of sync and they distance themselves. And then it happens, the shorter one takes a little leap and wraps itself around the other one as if its hugging it. And then they both calm down for a moment and pause, with one cord wrapped around the other. Then they unwrap and start going crazy again, the cycle repeats itselfs.

Silly cords, are they ever going to learn their lesson? Or are they just destined to dance around each other with only moments of pause.

Hopies devilock


Its the pic I was trying to take before dropping my phone in the water. Good news, phone works fine. Lol

I really need to start updating this again

And that might just happen since I figured out how to add new posts via my phone.

So anywho, its been a while. I have lived in the new house 3 months now and I love every minute of it. It took a bit of adjusting but I dont just sit on the couch and cry for no reason anymore. Thats rather nice. I am working on sorting everything from the old house and putting it in storage, that is a rather large task. But still, here is to new beginnings.

Ians doing better, I think this last round of medicine redo will probably be the final one. We also found out that he is allergic to all sorts of foods and once we realized this it was a major ah ha moment. Beef, turkey, pork and vanilla to name a few. lol But again, answers, we needed answers and we finally have some.

Ian missed a month and a half of school this year but still managed to get promoted into 1st grade. 🙂 Poor kid, so much crap has happened in the last 3 years but I think he is dealing with it pretty well.

Hope is being Hope. She is 2 and she is just like me. <3

I am turning 30 next month and its getting to me. And not in the “I am old” sense but in the I remember dads 30th birthday sense. I thought that was soooo old when I was 8. We are so partying it up though, 80s white trash style.

I lost my job at the tale end of last month. Lets just say, wheew…what a relief. Aside from the minor “oh crap” freak outs I am pretty much okay with it. I needed another job anyways. Terribly bored though.

Its even been well past a year now since being single and again, wheew, what a relief. Boone, one of the sweetest guys you could probably ever meet and I do miss him sometimes. But also, Boone, one of the biggest assholes you could probably ever meet and I DONT miss that side. I actually hate when we cross paths (which is very very rare) because I dont want to see the “bad” side, no one does. We were just on two total planets and whether or not he would ever admit to having loved me I can honestly say I loved him. I am glad that chapter of my past is closed and thats the last I plan to ever speak of it again.

Jason and I are still doing pretty good. I really wish he would get himself out of his pickle (or as he says, his black hole). I know he got himself into it and all but it doesnt exactly make it easy. The bitchy part of me wants he dumped and heartbroken like I was the realistic part of me just wants him to do some freaking growing and I know he cant do that with anyone attached.

Well that was random. I am not feel particularly anything at the moment but did figure out my phone app, yay. Man I miss these blogs.

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