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So before the kids left for Jasons they were sick but on there way to doing better. Hope had a horrible diaper rash but that got cleared up  (another appeared all over her body though) but Ian just got worse and worse, Jason should have taken him in to the doctor but didnt…

So upon picking them up at daycare on Monday I realized that they both needed a trip to the doctor. So we headed there yesterday morning.

Hopes got a double ear infection and the rash that popped up all over her body was a strep rash, makes since.

Ians got tonsillitis, bronchialitis, and an ear infection in the left ear. He kept coughing and coughing and nothing was helping and what explains it is that his tonsils and uvual are so swollen that the uvual is stuck to the tonsil and the irritation keeps him coughing. Tonsilitis keeps comming up so I am thinking they will probably have to be removed…fun.

And since they both have two different things I had the pleasure to keeping them away from each other for 24 hours. Thats done and over with though and they seem to be getting better already.

Boone and I are staying in tonight. I dont recall doing anything for newyears since 2001 and this year wont be any different. Although we are both looking forward to having a night in with each other. Can you belive that, Boone is looking forward to not going out and just being with me. hehehe

Look at his super sweet blog from Christmas…it makes me all giddy so I am passing it along.

I LOVE JULI!!! You know why? (don’t answer) She is awesome. She understands my problems, and if she doesn’t, she tries to. She asks. Not only that, She can love me thru all my faults (none of which are even close to what I have done in the past.) She is Kind, Giving, and Intelligent beyond her years. She is the type of woman every man dreams of. If you knew this woman as intimate as I do you could understand. If you are her ex-husband,YOU FUCKED-UP.
I am straying from the point.
JULI IS MY LOVE! May she always be so in my life!!!


Sara Graves- Martinez
awe…. so sweet!

i wish the kids were feeling better!! i guess it is the daycare thing huh? better to get it over with now that to wait till kindergarten i guess!!!

hope they feel better soon!!!!


Where the fuck is notepad?

I need to clean up my desktop and start backing up my computer. My poor desktop, I cant find a thing on it and what makes it worse is that there is a file on it that has almost 2gb that needs to be sorted as well. Ack.

Anywho, this past week has been interesting. Boone and I have pretty much spent every moment together since last saturday night since Jason had the kids the whole time…plus he had off wed, thur, and friday. SOOOO that meant lots of us time which was good.

This Christmas will go down as one of the worst (aside from Boone of course). For all 28 years my Christmas eves were spent with one side of the family and it was usually the only time of the year that everyone would come over. Well this year it was supposed to be at my house and no one, at all, showed up. So that got me rather depressed. The kids were here but Ian was asleep sick on the couch the whole time and really didnt want to open presents. Then again mom was sick as well and I didnt want to open them without her.

She was all depressed about it too but its not like we live out of town and just had to do it that day. Anywho, we will have Christmas tonight and that should help.

Jason bought a car, a brand new car. On one hand it infuriates me because the kids dont really have insurance (they have medicaide but I cant find a doctor that will take us). He could get them insurance but he says its too expensive. I am fairly positive he hasnt looked for just the kids though and getting anything done that isnt about school seems to always miss his list.

BUT having a car will be a good thing. That means he can hopefully come a little earlier and stay a little later on his weekends. It also gets him a step closer to moving in on his own and away from bi polar beast. Although I honestly dont think he will ever be able to get away from her, after all who else would make sure she takes her 6 pills a day and talk her to sleep. Bleh, insert puking emotion here.

Boone (and me) finally finished super mario galaxy. I bought it last year for Jason for Christmas so its a little funny to be playing it this year, around Christmas, with my boyfriend.

All in all this was just a change. For years its been one way with my family, not anymore. For years its been one way with my husband and kids, not anymore. For years its been excitement to see certain people and talk to people and pig out on stuff that I shouldnt and well, not anymore. I think if it had been just a divorce and my family still coming together I would have made it through a lot better but since everything seems to have fallen through the cracks it makes it that much harder.

So on that note I plan on doing things differently next year, much differently. I am glad I did have boone to go through it with me though. I know I would have been even more of a basket case without him.

I cant wait till the end of the month when school starts back up, I can get my new mac, a couch and plan our one year anniversary. Should be fun. This months break is nice but I miss my school friends and having something challenging to do on top of life its self.

I am looking forward to getting the kids back though, its been so long and I am getting anxious with them being gone so long.

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Sara Graves- Martinez
have you tried dr. okogbo? he had my kids when they were on medicaid. he is pretty good to.

anyways, sorry christmas wasn’t great… that sux!

hope things look up =]=]=]

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 29, 2008 – Monday – 4:58 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
uHHH, LET’S SEE…NOTEPAD IS…unnnn, ya, all programs, accessories, ya, ya! Never use it!
Posted by Always Màthair on December 29, 2008 – Monday – 7:21 PM
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So the heater has been on

since I walked in the door at 8:15. I was still tired so I turned my little bedroom heater on for an hour and curled up in bed for a couple more hours. Got up, came in the living room and looked at the thermostat and the temp has gone from 60 in the house to 59. I.am.freezing here. The air conditioner is still in my living room window so the cold air is just coming on in. So glad I dont have the kids right now.

And on that note I am off. Boone and I are going out shopping and having dinner tonight so I must get ready for that. Tomorrow is a day filled with cooking, dad and I went and got the stuff yesterday and it was over 250 worth of stuff but thats for both mom and I.

Oh yay happiness, just glanced at the heater and it has now moved to 58.

I want, I want…




Okay, okay. Love the jammies (whats up with the price though) but a used snot rag, really? And look at the bids. I am assuming its NOT that people really want boogers but that they want to donate to the charity, right?

Yeah so on that note I am bored, really bored. Kids were both asleep at 7:30, like out within 10 minutes and I have since tried to occupy myself. So what better thing to do then attempt this super mario galaxy that I have had for almost a year. Bad idea, talk about a head ache after a short period of time. I dont see how Boone and Ian can play it and not walk away with brain pain.

And speaking of Boone, he got me the sweetest because I love you present. Its a cute heart/knot band from james avery. Ahhhh. I love it. I of course know how much Boone absolutely loves me but that put some icing on it.

And on that note I will go back to looking at ebaums (see I am that bored).

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Sara Graves- Martinez
i like the t-shirt ;] but the tissue, c’mon, did you read the questions?!?! What brand?!?! eh, some people will never be understood lololol
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 20, 2008 – Saturday – 11:20 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
wonder what I could get for a dirty snot rag!
Posted by Always Màthair on December 20, 2008 – Saturday – 1:52 PM
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So I just looked up my books for next semester, out of the 4 classes I assumed that I would only need books for 2 and that assumption was correct. BUT the books for those two classes are 144 and 159 and even used on Amazon still wasnt that cheap for one of them. Oh well, still cheaper then the massive amount I spent on books this last semester and all the art supplies.

So I am sitting here budgeting my next 5-7 months. IF I can get a grant for summer then I will take classes, if I cant then I will get a job for a few months, no biggie. Hoping I can get a grant though because the faster I get done with school the better.

Also budgeting in a new laptop, I dont NEEEEED one but I am getting so tired of laying things out on a pc and them not transferring correctly to the mac. So I will downgrade from a 17″ with a 10 key to a 15.4 with no 10 key but upgrade up a much faster processor and double my RAM. And hopefully, after getting new hinges I can selll this one. Its super nice still but just not what I need right now. That and hauling this big thing around is a chore.

And also, come late February or mid March Boone and I are going on our 1 year anniversary trip. Crazy to think that the one year mark is just around the corner. He just wants to go somewhere with me and only me and that sounds perfect. Dallas will probably be the place we go since I know my way around for the most part. I am a stickler for a 3.5 (at least) star hotel though, nothing like dancing around in the elevator with a bunch of snotty people, makes my day.

The kids are sick, as well as me, but I seem to be getting it over rather quickly. Ian and Hope are just sleeping all day which will help them more then anything. So its just me and my laptop….

Jason should be here this weekend (and on) for a bit. School starts much earlier for him at tech then for me so his stay will be short. Which kind of makes me sad but also find it funny that I get a month break.  He hasnt seen the kids since the 29th, I just dont know how he can do it. Hopefully he will stay till the first so I can go out.

Hope needs to start walking, she cruises everything but just wont stand on her own. She can though because she does so in the tub. Ians attitude seems to be better, there for a couple weeks it was bad but he has calmed back down. I am bored already and havent even been out of school for a week. While Jason is in town I am making Christmas candy for everyone, if you want some then list your favorites since I only have a few recipies.

One of Boones birthmas presents should be coming in the mail soon (as well as mine, I couldnt resist gettting one too) and I am looking forward to that, hope he likes it.

I <3 everything about my life right now, family, friends…everything! Its nice to be able to just contently sit and be happy.

Hopefully we never loose it

Boone and I are nauseatingly romantically gushy towards each other and I hope it never stops. We went to V’s Christmas play and it seemed as if no one showed affection towards their significant other and it was rather sad. The place was packed full but looking around I didnt spot one arm around a loved one, no little kisses on foreheads, cheeks or hands. It seemed rather cold.

And then there is Boone and me, cuddled up to each other, holding hands, giving the occasional kiss and love you’s. Not to say we were all over each other, thats not it at all but you could tell we were a couple where as everyone else…well…blah.

Jason and I were never like that though which is so odd, I couldnt imagine not having it now. I didnt hear how beautiful I was, no kisses or hugs either but that was all me. If he wanted a kiss or a hug I shunned him away. I dont know why I did and I still havent figured that part out in this little journey but me 365 days ago and me now were two totally different people.

Anywho, I hope it never ends. I hope 5 years from now we are still gushy towards each other. I hope one day we can embarass our kids just like my parents did me.

Its nice being loved.

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Sara Graves- Martinez
aweeee……. =]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 8:50 AM
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So that went incredibly fast and the house was surprisingly very clean after Boone and Calebs birthday party. Aside from been bottles, cans and cups in the trash can and a handful left on the counter you would have never known that anything happened. Its went well, Boones butt makes me cringe at the thought of it. 33 spankings and he didnt even flinch. I did have to be a bitch and run everyone off really quickly though, Hope was awake (next door at my parents) and I needed to get her. 

All three of us are sick but I think it will come and go fast. I took Hope to daycare and Ian stayed home with me. Hopefully this medicine will knock him out quickly. We went by the store and picked up a cake mix and made cupcakes this morning.

All in all everything is going wonderfully still. Check out the birthday pics and videos later when they finish uploading.


Sara Graves- Martinez
ha ha… great pics! looks like you guys had lots of fun!! =]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 15, 2008 – Monday – 9:15 PM
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Omg, I cant believe it I AM…

Current mood:  ecstatic


paring to go to school next semester because I passed. Two A’s and two B’s (plus that stupid F thanks to not being able to drop) means I am over a 2.0 so a-okay for next semester. Yay!

Cheyenne aka Mommy
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your hard work paid off. Best wishes to you for next semester. Keep the momentum going. 🙂
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on December 11, 2008 – Thursday – 1:44 PM
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Sara Graves- Martinez
yay!!! congrats and good luck =]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 12, 2008 – Friday – 9:25 AM

finals, finals, finals

You know, at times I would rather study for a few hours for a final rather than stare at some brochure for hours upon hours, no wait…days upon days. You wouldnt think making a 4 quad brochure would take all that much time, right?

I figured I would get done with it this weekend but my laptop cord decided to crap out on me again and before I could move my files from my desktop to the jump drive (that was overflowing with other files) it died on me. So instead of twenty bucks on ebay I had the pleasure of spending seventy five at best buy, yay. But I got my cord and my files and all is well I suppose.

So tomorrow is another fun filled day of school since I have to get this done and stuff is spread between my laptop and my jump drives everything is going with me tomorrow. Yay again…


Sara Graves- Martinez

sorry your computer is giving you a hard time!! i hope things get eaier hun!!

luv ya!

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on December 8, 2008 – Monday – 8:56 AM
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{{{HUG}}} Finals made me certifiable.
Posted by CrazyRED on December 8, 2008 – Monday – 11:35 AM
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Going to miss it

So this semester has been…challenging but rewarding as well. Today was the last “day”, Monday and Tuesday I have to go to pick up and drop off projects but the last real day was today. What cracks me up most is that the kid that annoyed the ever loving shit out of me (see past blog) actually turned out to be an awesome guy that I am happy to call a friend. We had every.single.class together and next semester will be the same (except for a math class). A handful of us had all our classes together and I am assuming it will be that way until we get our degrees since the class schedule is pretty much set in stone.

I also learned to look past my typo teachers shoes, for weeks now I havent even paid attention to them. lol I didnt learn a darn thing but it was a good opportunity to do various project and have some creative freedom that didnt really happen in my other classes. And despite my one C in the class everything else has been good so I should get an A. We ended up moving past our differences although I will never know what she meant when she told me that I would go far if I acted lady like. lol But hey, she told Enrique that he will never find a good woman to marry if he doesnt do good in school, I think I will take the lady like comment thank you very much.

I hope I get to go to school next semester but thats up in the air until grades are posted. I ended up NOT being able to drop my math (it was remedial) class so I will get an F which means I have to have good grades in the other classes. I wont know what those are until they are posted, my average in all of them was good but if any teachers count off for attendance then I am screwed.

At any rate I am going to miss it and if I get to go next semester I think it will be a much easier transition. At the beginning of the semester it was awkward and entirely to quiet but by then end we had all loosened up.

I have a weekend packed full of final projects. Yay. And Boones birthday is the 13th, the plan is for the party to be here but you never know with him.

I needed pictures today for a final and in the process snapped some pics of my favorite peeps at school, go take a look at where I spend hours upon hours of my time.

I am SO glad that you did this for yourself. I hope everything works out and you can continue. I miss school, I really enjoyed it despite the lack of sleep. 😉 Keep going, keep pushing. Make your life what you want it to be. I am proud of you.
Posted by CrazyRED on December 7, 2008 – Sunday – 6:04 PM
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