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The good things

So it occurred to me the other day that for the past month and change pretty much all my blogs were me bitching and who wants to read that? So while I was laying in bed this morning tracing Boones tattoo with my nail while he was sound asleep it occurred to me just how much I love him so now is the time for one of those obnoxious so in love posts.

The past little while has been just blah but when I left Boone I missed him so much and not having him was a reminder of what I was missing. I love the way he can look at me for hours and just smile and say over and over how much he loves me. I love the hand kisses and the forehead kisses. I love feeling like a queen, being told how beautiful I am and how I am the best thing thats ever happened to him (except of course V).

Anywho, thats that. Peace love and burritos.

aww! what a cute little juli’s-so-in-love post!
Posted by sarah on November 28, 2008 – Friday – 11:14 PM
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Not to mention the burritos!!
Posted by Matt on November 29, 2008 – Saturday – 9:50 PM

Very high school sounding

I have noticed that my blogs for the past month have been very lame. Sorry about that, I swear I will fix that after school is out. Its been a crazy month.

Hope turns one tomorrow, to think that last year at this moment Jason and I were at his friends house and thanks to the stairs plus a lone soft taco I went into labor. That night we came home I slept for maybe an hour then woke up with a contraction only to fall asleep again and wake up again…you get the picture.

At any rate she was born November 25th at 8:09pm, at home of course (wouldnt want it any other way). You know how awesome it is to shower in your own shower and sleep in your own bed a couple hours after you have the kid. So so SO much better then that horrible hospital shower and uncomfy bed. Ack.

And yes I did get a ribbon.

My internet is still doing bad things, my speed is slower then diapup. Seriously, cable internet here and I am connected at a slower speed then my parents dial up. Fing suddenlink.


Oh please oh please oh please

Make it stop…

So I missed yet another day of school today. Seems we cant go more then 10 days without someone getting sick. This time it was all three of us and it is not pretty.

Hope just wont be happy, cries if you hold her and cries if you put her down. Blowouts have lessened from hourly to a couple a day.

Ians doing okay but still puking although unlike last night (which was hourly for both him, hope and me) its down to just twice since bedtime which was at 8.

I am doing good but I am soooo tired, something about getting up hourly and changing diapers, sheets, blankets and clothes at night that seems to have wore me down.

And to top it off I (well we) got Boone sick. Whoops. So now he is feeling what we have. He was sweet enough to stay here yesterday and help with the kids and me but now he is paying for it and I feel terrible.

I cant focus on anything at all but the annoyance of my profile and the curiosity of this profile 2.0 thing got the better of me so I just switched to that. I am working on the blog to match…

Looking forward to Thursday with the girls. Woot.

There is a reason…

Why I am so damn picky when it comes to my kids and medicine. Even if it makes finding a doctor in this city very very hard I believe its totally worth it.

People asked why I had a home birth and well, after a lot of research (talking years people) I decided thats what would be best. You see, having Ian so early from pre e would have put me as high risk to most doctors even though that wasnt the case. I also, more then likely wouldnt have been able to have a vag birth since Ian was a section baby.

I needed someone on my side that would help me prevent the pre e and allow me to have the birth that I wanted with knowledge that if I did need to go the mainstream route then I could.

Look, I didnt want to be forced by a doctor into something that I knew wasnt necessary. I didnt want to be looked at and pre judged because of Ians birth. I didnt want the drugs (dont trust them) and another early birth because the doctor thought I would pre e again. It happens, way more often then not.

Plus, I had her all natural, not even a tylenol which was an amazing boost.

And then there are those other medical things that I just dont agree with and wish more parents would at least research stuff before it gets put into there children. Research it, whether or not we agree at least see whats being put into your children and what the side effects are. Of course, emergency situations are different.

I owe modern medicine my first childs life so dont take this as a knock to that. Its more like people view there doctors with a god like point of view which is totally unnecessary, they are only human after all. My thought is that at the end of the day they go home and I go home but with my child. If something happens then its ME at the edge of the bed watching over them, not the doctor. So in the end its ultimately my responsibility therefore I am going to look up stuff on my own.

Thats all I am going to say on the subjects. Hopes almost a year old which is making me ponder stuff and be thankful for my 4 years of being a sahm where I had the time to sit and read.

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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
You have every right to be picky! The kids now are getting antibiotics for anything, not letting their little immune systems develop antibodies, therefore creating antibiotic resistant illnesses when they truly do nead it! I am all for natural home healing and common sence with foods, drugs, preservatives, additives, dyes, to many things are simple enough, like echinacia, teas, aroma therapy, light and sound adjustments…that was the kind of mom I was. i still have a wildly bad habit of reading all the ingredients on stuff, especially for my dogs.
Posted by Always Màthair on November 13, 2008 – Thursday – 12:21 AM
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Sara Graves- Martinez
I totaly agree! my niece is on like five medicines… and with a little discipline [she is on behavior meds] and a little parenting [she is also on meds because of bladder control but they were told if they would quit giving her caffiene she wouldnt have to take it] and then she has a rx for stomach problems given to her by the other meds… she is nine and taking like 5 rx that i totaly think are unesassary.

i know there are meds that people take to stay alive but taking meds just because you are ‘uncomfortable’ or taking meds because you dont want to eat healthy or excersise is ridiculous. [ i know i misspelled some words]

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on November 13, 2008 – Thursday – 9:21 AM
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Current mood:  exhausted

he came and got his stuff today.

I just need the strength to stay single, I need to be by myself right now. I havent been “single” for more then a month since I pretty much started dating. And well, its needed.

I am so freaking tired and I have Hopes first birthday party to plan for…

if you ever want to i’ll take you on a date! i’m pretty sure matt won’t mind.
Posted by sarah on November 12, 2008 – Wednesday – 11:34 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
If I could give one word of advice to anyone thinking of getting in a relationship it would be that you don’t get serious until you have had a change to learn who you are and what you truly want from this life! I think that is why so many relationships fail, we are never prepared to live with someone we don’t know and to be honest, we lose ourselves thinking we need to be what the other person wants us to be. I believe in sharing likes and dislikes, a compatibility test if you will, to see if we can tolerate each others expectations. I know as time goes along, and children come, those first expectations change. We become more responsible(hopefully) and our likes and dislikes will change. But I truly believe if we learn who we are personally we have more of a chance surviving things that get thrown at us that we may not be so prepared for. I think keeping that list updated is a good thing too!
Good luck in the next steps of your life!
Posted by Always Màthair on November 12, 2008 – Wednesday – 12:43 PM
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So Boone and I are really officially over, sigh. Nothing to add…

So Ians been sick (as was I) with the whole coughing until he throws up. It started on Wednesday and is still continuing. Fun times I tell you. Nothing like waking up to coughing followed by a splash sound over the monitor. So I go in with me handy flashlight to see what awaits, dora spagettios all over the floor. He was sound asleep though. So I pick him up, take him to my room, change him, give him more medicine, breathing treatment, turn on humidifier with vicks, unkers up his chest and some vitamin water to boot.

I think he will be fine for school tomorrow.

I am tired but my mind wont shut off. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night and even then it was spent with me flipping back and forth.

I cant believe Hope is going to be a year old in two weeks, crazy, simply crazy, the rollercoaster my life has become.

Not just for me

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Sometimes some quotes just nauseate you because they are so true.

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Sara Graves- Martinez
good one….
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on November 10, 2008 – Monday – 8:18 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
How can we warrant what love is with held or twisted? And still think we love?
Posted by Always Màthair on November 11, 2008 – Tuesday – 6:37 PM
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Enjoying life

I am thrilled with myself and my ability to push forward. I seem to finally be out of my downer mood and just loving it at the moment. And its just me and the kids and THATS the best part. Actually enjoying playing with my kids, cooking meals, doing the dishes and washing the clothes all on my OWN.

I realized that tonight. I have come to the point where I am so comfy doing it alone that when someone steps in it bugs me. And I like sleeping in my huge king bed sideways by myself, never would have thought that could happen.

I dont know how to type it but I am just so happy and for once its not because of someone else its because of me.


Sara Graves- Martinez
yay =]=]=]=]=]=]
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on November 7, 2008 – Friday – 8:16 AM
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wow, that was an up note for a week


Everything just feels off still, I am happy but with myself. Thats about it. : /

And I am proud of myself for learning these programs that are totally overwhelming. I might not be able to draw with a pen and paper but I can still create art and if you cant see that then fuck off.

Dog I am bitchy but tired of the snide insults that art on the computer is not art.

On an up note totally lighthearted over Obama but NOT looking forward to ignorant comments to come. But hey, I see to get them everywhere.

Off to do my homework that apparently any idiot could do.

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you told you that any idot could do what you do? i could never do anything like that!
Posted by sarah on November 5, 2008 – Wednesday – 10:39 AM
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Well that was fun

I feel like I finally have my head back .. a month a change of complete chaos. Its kinda nice.

And as you can see by the picks Boone and I are once again BUT stipulations apply. Yeah I am being a bitch but as I told him the other day, I love you but I love myself and my kids more. As in, if I start going down hill and your basically the cause, well, bye. Simple as that.

I was stressing so much over keeping him in line when, A) its not my yob and B) it always backfired. So now its back in his lap, if he wants me, truly wants me, then he is going to have to work for it.

When we were having our convo he kept noting that I seemed to forget all the good times we had. And that wasnt the truth, I remembered them but they were totally foreshadowed by the not so good times. And well, the good times he was sober and the bad times he was drunk. So how about we work on the sober and keep having the good times, right?

So no drinking at my house, when I said this he just looked at me odd because I had liquor here of my own. Liquor that I bought on the 4th and have yet to touch but he kept getting drinks of. So I poured it out, no biggie anywho. The only time I drink is usually something mixed and frozen at a restaurant.

No coming over when wasted. Thats simple.

And lastly, if out and he gets to the point of annoyingly drunk then his ass is getting left there. At most I will drive him to the theater and he can sleep on the couch. I just dont want him around me.

He didnt realize it was as bad as it was even though I was throwing major clues out they were just flying right over his head. This shook him but I dont know how long for. I did make it rather clear that I have never took anyone back (except for Jason but thats rather different) and that I will never do it again. He looses me again then he looses me.

I am sure I sound like a snotty stuck up chick but dammit I am tired of being treated like a random turd in the neighbors lawn. And besides, drinking that much isnt good for anyone.

And to topic change kind of, we went to Rocky last night. It was wonderful, wish I could see it 3 more times. lol I cant believe the amount of people that got turned away though, the crowd was huge when we pulled up at 11:20 and just kept growing.

And I enjoyed my wicked witch of the EAST costume and enjoyed that a few people got it. You would think ruby heels AND the stripped leggings would have gave it away but people kept thinking dorothy. No people, I was the witch before the house got dropped on her. To be perfectly honest I just wanted an excuse to wear the shoes. They kicked butt.

All in all Friday was great. I need to do some major cleaning tomorrow though.

Oh and incase people didnt notice, pics are up from yesterday. It was Ians first time actually doing anything for halloween. 🙂 And you can see pics of my finished tat.

Cheyenne aka Mommy
I think you are being fair and honest. Good for you. You have to put yourself and your children first because no one else in this world will do it. Keep up the awesome hard work. Being a mother isn’t easy but I know you are strong enough to do it well on your own. 🙂 Be proud of yourself. By the way I love your tattoo and your costume!
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on November 3, 2008 – Monday – 10:03 AM
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