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Emergency rooms are…

So I leave comp illus. class today and head to math. Plop down on the floor and start playing a game on my phone. Within minutes mom calls and says she is heading to the emergency room, the doctor wouldnt see Ian because his temp was high and his stomach hurt.

So I leave math (which means I am going to have to drop that class, its just to much work for me at the moment) and head home to pick up mom and Ian and head to northwest.

For the first time ever I wanted to be back in Lubbock. Both hospitals there have childrens emergency rooms with hardly a wait. NOT the same here, uck uck UCK!

I show up to pick them up and Ian seems fine so I think its a waste of time taking him in but we went anyways. So after standing in line 45 minutes just to say we were there, mom swore up and down that since the doctors office called ahead of time that that would somehow get up in front of others. I told her thats not how emergency rooms works, we werent dining at Chilis after all, but she didnt believe me.

Anywho, the girl at the desk could tell I didnt want to be there and that I felt we were wasting peoples time so she took Ian right in to get a vital. 97.0…hows that for a temp. Seems that Ians was high (it was 101.8 at the doctors but they added 2, yes TWO whole points to that) but once they gave him motrin it was down within an hour. Why this wasnt done at home is beyond me but eh, my parents tend to freak out when it comes to such things and I suppose its better safe then sorry. Me on the otherhand, well, it takes a LOT to concern me.

Anywho, she takes the temp and sends us back to the waiting room with at least a 2 hour wait. I did NOT want to be there and told mom it was useless a few times. Thankfully the poor girl (probably 16-18) behind us that really was sick threw up all over the floor for mom to realize that we didnt need to be there (she also grasped why I freaked out when Ians blanket touched the floor).

So that was my day, completely thrown off because of this whole ordeal. Life would be a million times easier with Jason living here…

And on that note I have a project for comp ill that I should have finished tonight but thats not happening. No worries though, I will have it mounted and finised by wednesday! Promise!!!


Sara Graves- Martinez
oh juli!! i pray you do not get discouraged!! you are such a strong person… and you know it isnt going to be easy, and you are doing it anyway!! stay strong hon! all this WILL pay off in the end!!!!
Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:58 AM
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Cheyenne aka Mommy
Ah yes, the joys of motherhood and single parenthood. I am so thankful Ian is not seriously ill. I am also glad to hear that you are staying strong through all of this. You are capable of greatness and your children see that. They appreciate, despite their inability to understand everything you do at this time, the sacrifice and devotion you have given to and for them. You will succeed at your schooling and succeed as a hard working mother for them. Congratulations to you for being the best mom you can be.
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 9:11 AM
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Ah, another reason I’m glad I haven’t had kids yet lol. Those emergency rooms just creep me out, I hate the doctors.

I think there has been something travelling around lately, I want to walk around like the asians and just keep a doctors mask on. That way I could protect myself AND freak people out…I should just go full scale and do the whole gasmask thing *nod nod*

And that sucks about your math, if you need help I can try. Carol is far better than I am with that kind of stuff, but I’m sure either one of us would help if you needed it 😀

Have fun on your next biohazardous adventure 😀

Posted by Luke on September 30, 2008 – Tuesday – 12:48 PM
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Good bob

Glad the weekend is over. Cannibal is awesome, wish this city could grasp that not all theater is men in tights. People complain that this city it so boring (I have been guilty of saying it) but if you just LOOK you will find cool stuff. Seriously people, Amarillo isnt so bad afterall.

Ian came home sick again, fever was 101.3 (ear) about an hour ago. Which means he probably wont be going to daycare again. Dammit dammit dammit.

Hopefully next weekend will be better, I have the kids all weekend and wont be going anywhere. I am looking forward to it.

I am tired, drained emotionally and physically and just want to go curl up in bed and go to sleep. But homework is calling.

? Jøå??? ?
im sowwwyyy i couldnt come!!plz dont hurt me on tuesday…!!hahahaha
and sorryyy to hear that ure son is sick..hope he gets well sooooooooon!!!
c u on tuesday hope fully!
Posted by ? Jøå??? ? on September 29, 2008 – Monday – 1:33 AM
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I knew it came from somewhere

I am a smartass, anyone that knows me knows that. Today it really dawned on me where I got it from…

Okay, this typography class changes from one of my faves to the most annoying from week to week. The teacher, as I noted before, is flighty. Sometimes she makes no sense at all. So she tells us a week and change ago that we needed to do a quote, one of our favorite ones. I have a million and one quotes that I love but the one that kept coming to me was the “dont stop here this is bat country” quote from fear and loathing.

Well, I had it mostly done but called her over for some tips or a gentle nudge to the right direction. I had the picture pulled up in illustrator of Johnny Depp when he is saying that line. My “vision” for the quote was that I would outline the glasses and the cigarette (which was done) and have the text make the shape of the smoke coming out of the cigarette (thats the part I was stuck on).

Well she comes over and says since she wasnt there the quote makes no sense to her (for some odd reason she thought a friend of mine said it) and that she didnt like it.

So now the project has progressed from “your favorite quote” to “your favorite quote so long as its familiar to me”. Alright, fine. I scrapped the quote and am doing something totally different. Pffttt.

So I come home and rant to mom about it and she came up with a brilliant idea, if anything the quote is familliar. So I present to you my quote, thanks mom for reminding me of it…

I did not have sexual relations with that woman. ~President Bill Clinton

I envision the quote being within the confines of a dress with blue type.

I know the teacher would flip her lid though, I have an actual quote but tomorrow I am going to be working on the Clinton quote and see if she says anything. lol.

Tomorrow is Thursday, woot!


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Sara Graves- Martinez
ha ha ha!!! that is just good stuff right there!! kudos to your mom…. that is def a quote that EVERYONE is familiar with!! good luck with your project hun!!

lots of love

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:14 AM
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Always Màthair
Sue Dooley
keep em’ jumpin’! Free will and a free spirit! If it weren’t for that we would all be goosestepping to a certain Pink Floyd song that we all love!
I love radicals!, I was one once but joined the supposedly higher thinking and all knowing socialist system we have…or was it that i just didn’t give a rat s*&t anymore…hmmm. Too much heavy thinking so early in the morning!
I like your idea!!!!
Let us know what comes of it!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:16 AM
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LOL Love that one!

I still want that Johnny Depp one….maybe when you have a little free time (I know, it may be a while 😀 ) but hey, if you do complete it, I shall flaunt it on my work and home pcs *nod nod*
Posted by Luke on September 25, 2008 – Thursday – 8:39 AM
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I am so…

You know that extra fuzzy feeling down in your gutty wuts…yeah thats it. Thats how I feel, extra fuzzy and obnoxiously in love.


I cant believe Boone and I have been together for over 6 months, time has flown. October is going to be a hard month, the 25th will be the hardest day of them all. That will be the one year mark of hearing my ex husband say he no longer loved me and was in love with someone else. Sigh.

Note to self though, dont forget to turn the heater off before you leave the bathroom. I came home today and the house was so hot but I couldnt figure out why. I put Hope down to sleep, walked into the main bathroom and there the heater was…on…high.


On that note I am off to sleep. = D

I feel as if I am drowning

I have so much to do yet no time to do it. It doesnt help that last week was a horrible sinus/cold disaster, then it got better for a day only to then be followed by puke fest. Urg. And I am in a crappy mood, lol.

Lets see, Thursday Boone came home rather early because he was sick. Friday he was even worse but as the night went on he felt better, I in turn started getting tired again and went to sleep by 10:30 while he stayed up past 3 playing mario kart. Saturday I had a family/friends birthday party to attend and after that I had 3 hours of tattoo work done. About the last hour of it I started feeling yucko but figured it was just nerves (I had just spent 2 hours with Jason).

Boone came back to get me (bringing kirby along), we swung by hobby lobby to get some stuff and then to Ang’s to wash my tat and so she could see it. After sitting there for a bit I started feeling even worse and figured I just needed food. Dropped off Kirby and went to Fridays. By that point in time I felt.like.shit. But for some odd reason I figured I would be fine if we changed venues so we headed to the spotted pony. Bad idea, not only did I feel like I was a couple of shades of green I was also not in a happy mood.

Note to anyone reading: Please dont ask me if my tattoo fake. Its a dumbass question.
One, why would I have a sticky/shiny fake tattoo?
Two, why would only some of the coloring be completed on a fake tattoo?
Three, do fake tattoo come in chest piece sizes?
Four, do I really look like someone that would sport a fake tattoo? Really now…

It didnt really hurt though, the only times where it was annoying was when he was reaching over me almost choking me and when he was doing the very center and down near my armpits. For the most part it was relaxing, yes…relaxing. But I am odd like that. Next appointment is October 11th. 

Anywho, so since I felt like shit and after the forth time Beard asked “is that a fake tattoo” I had Boone drive me home. Came home, he tucked me in and rubbed my back till I passed out. 3am comes along and it was a mad dash to the toilet, ugh.

Turns out Jason and Dave got the same thing but much worse. Ian came home with it too, he couldnt keep anything down past 10pm last night for more then an hour. Poor kid, so he stayed home today while Hope went to daycare.

I hate being sick and I hate when my kids are sick. Makes me feel bad.

So here are a couple pics, not good ones though since they were taken with my phone.

This is the very top of my shoulder.

About half of it.


Sara Graves- Martinez
sorry you have been sick sweetie!!

great tat!! some people are idiots! =] there is no way that looks fake!! =]

hope lil ian feels better!!

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 7:25 AM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Looks like a good start on something that I know is going to be awesome!
Hang in there, I imagine your immune system is weakened and starting the tatt just brought it out.
I hate being sick too! And I really hate it when it is so bad you have to stay close to the toilet! It will pass when your body is done fighting it…hopefully!!! I miss getting tattoos, there is something mystical in the process, or there always was for me. I hate it though when there are a bunch of ding dongs in tatt shops farting around disturbing the air and my calm that I aim for in the setting. Haven’t had any work in a very long time!
You are carrying a full load right now, so get as much peace that you can in between!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 10:20 AM
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they got me sick, too
Posted by sarah on September 16, 2008 – Tuesday – 11:20 AM
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Cheyenne aka Mommy
I love your tattoo. I think it looks very nice and it is no way fake. I hope you all get better very quickly. Hopefully Hope wont get it.
Posted by Cheyenne aka Mommy on September 17, 2008 – Wednesday – 7:55 AM
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Jibberish, thinking or shall I say typing, out loud

Sometimes I wonder if one of the reasons that me and Jason’s marriage failed was because we were on different levels. He was going to school while I sat at home. Now this isnt to discredit me being a stay at home mom but maybe me staying home with the kid/s and being rather anti social (which is so funny because thats not me) while he had school put kind of a damper on things. Does that make any sense?

I guess now that I am back in school and working my ass, big toe, third eyelash from the left and uvula off I have a different perspective on things. Looking outside of the relationship (because its all but a memory now) now I wonder if Jason “going” and me “staying” put a strain on things.

Like he was moving “up” while I was just staying neutral (at least to him, I learned a lot of things through the years but it was all kid centered). I actually regressed when it came to being social.

So do relationships fail because of this? I think in a way they do, that is they do if your communication is off. This meaning people on different levels.

I know of a few people that are (or have) moving up in the world and growing up. They stop the drinking, the drugging, the partying. They made a goal and those that were not helping with said goal were cut loose. Ended friendships, broken hearts and all. But looking back it was a change that needed to happen. In the moment and for those directly affected it probably seemed like a selfish thing to do, to cut people out. But in order for said person to move on and not be pulled back they had to cut ties. And I get it, I have cut ties with people throughout the years because my relationship with them was toxic.

So where does this put me in the terms of relationships? I get now why my girlfriends are so damn picky when it comes to partners. I think, in a way, they need to find someone on their level. You dont want someone holding you back after all and yes, I did hold Jason back when it came to certain things.

Right now I am going and I am going at a crazy pace. I have a 15 hour semester load but thats kind of false. Only one of my classes is a true 3 hour a week class the other four are 6 hour a week classes. Thats a lot especially considering that I have had no one to really plan around for the last 6 years. I am rushing it to get the degree to in turn get a good job to in turn raise a family.

I dont want people around me that are not going to be a positive force, I dont have the time to drag my feet and lollygag. It would be a different story if I didnt have kids but I do and I HAVE to do this in order to give my kids what they need (ie, a roof over their heads). On the nights that I have the ability to go out (meaning I dont have school or kids) I go out, socialize and have fun. On the nights that I have school the next day and the kids then I stay home.


Because I know that going out constantly (like I did at ages 15-22) did nothing but pull me down. I had fun, yes. And would never take it back but looking back its like “duh Juli, what were you thinking”. But then again I was young and therefore thats a vailid excuse (at least to me it is). NOW I couldnt imagine doing that, still young but much more mature. I supposes its all about responsibilities and right now I am loaded down with them.

I dont know where this is going, its just been on my mind for a few weeks. I would like to think that I am a positive force in peoples lives and therefore no one needs to drop me but as the past tells I was, for at least one person, once “toxic” and therefore cut out of someones life (at least partially, he cant ever be rid of me nor me of him). Its nice being back in the realm of sane.

And I am still really enjoying school though at times I feel as though I should be farting dust. Waaahhhh. Drawing is really the only class I dont care for, its boring and for some odd reason I have yet to jump on the social wagon when it comes to that class. All my other classes are awesome though and I must say I love meeting new people. Not getting the emo thing though. <–my bob, that was a lot of thoughs…ack

Oh and Saturday I have a session for my newest tattoo. Nothing can be a painful as childbirth right? So this should be easy, snort.

Comment people, show me some love…message me if you must.


Sara Graves- Martinez

yeah… unfortunately we have to grow up… i guess i should say we ‘get’ to grow up. partying everyday was lots of fun the teenage years… but i am so over that. dont get me wrong… i love socializing and hanging out, even tossing back a few every now and then but yeah as moms we have waaaaaaay to much on our plate to try to add stuff like that. and i know what you are saying about cutting ties. i have had to do that, it is not easy, but yeah it has to be done!!

you know i am normaly to lazy to read long blogs lol!! but i must say i didnt even notice till i went back to see what i wanted to comment on!!!=]=] lol!!!

love ya honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 11, 2008 – Thursday – 8:16 PM
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Always Màthair

Sue Dooley
Oh you go girl!
I think you pretty much laid it out. When we are young an inexperienced in life we have visions of what life should be. Sadly, what we think in those forming years what life should be
(party on dudes) isn’t the reality of what life is going to turn out to be! Each step we take, each corner we turn, each breathe of becoming closer to finding out who we are and were we need to be can be a shocker, especially if we have wasted 20 or 30 years to figure it out because we have closed ourselves off to the world. The drugs and alcohol DO need to stop for a lot of us! It clouds the life we are living and we don’t see the life we need to BE living!
I have never had very many friends, I have always been satisfied to contemplate the shadows at my side. I am not a very social person, and in my married relationship HE was all social, having to be around groups of smoking drinking, talking stupid people every day! It was dragging me down having to make decisions of not wanting to be around those people or being around them for HIM! I hated it! I was in constant conflict with myself until I finally came to the point where I found myself and said NO! THAT’S IT! I don’t have to do this! He didn’t care if I went, he was going. We never could talk, got together for the wrong reasons, were NEVER on the same level, although we had similar likes and dislikes we were not socialy compatible to be mates…we might have made ok friends but that never happened.
TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS! Man you got that one! Some never find their voice, some find it too late. Those that reach beyond to struggle and make their life better for themselves are the real winners! Being true to what we believe in, being true to ourselves! Setting a higher standard of believable reality is very important to do, before we get to the point that something happens in our lives like poor health, and we loose the obtainable.
I think you are right on track!
Posted by Always Màthair on September 14, 2008 – Sunday – 1:47 AM
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I think Ian really likes Boone

So the kids started school this past Tuesday, life at the moment is one big rush. For a sampling of the day…

Wake up at 6:30am, feed Hope and lay her back to sleep.
Take Ian out of his bed and put in my bed.
Go take a shower.
Come back to my bedroom and flick on light (its a dim light) to “wake” Ian up.
Blow dry hair.
Straighten hair.
Get Ian up, have him brush his teeth and get dressed.
Pack diaper bag.
Start the car, load in back packs and diaper bag.
Get Hope up and dressed.
Load the kids in the car.
Out the door by 8:10
Rush to daycare, its a 20 minute drive.
Drop Hope off in her room.
Take Ian to his (which is normally NOT fun).
Drive to school.
Park blocks away, dont care if anythings closer. I need the exercise anyways.
Sit in class from 9 am till 11:45
Rush to next class thats from noon to 2:45
Rush to next class thats from 3 to 4:15
Stay after class to ask questions and start homework.
Go run errands.
5:30/6 go pick up the kids.
Hopes exhausted and falls asleep in the car on the way home.
Get home, feed her.
Set her down, fix dinner for Ian and I.
Wash the dishes.
Wash the bottles from daycare.
Make new bottles.
Play with the kids for about 30-45 mins.
7:30 Bath time.
Get the kids dressed for bed.
Feed Hope, give Ian a good night kiss.
Go do homework.
And some more homework.
Turn on the tv and blankly stare.
10pm go to sleep!

Rinse and repeat…

SO, as you can read. I am exhausted but thankfully I have no time to sit down and worry so thats nice. I also have tons more patience with Ian and he is liking school. Last week they learned the letter B and Karen asked the class what words start with B and Ian made sure to say Boone. And then today we went to buy the kids some school clothes and Ian a backpack and he wanted the camo one because its like Boones. lol It was cute.

I am having a hard time not seeing the kids all that much but thankfully daycare is for just 4 days and then I get them for 3. Ians should be starting speech therapy soon, it will be on Fridays. The therapist and me think it will help him when he gets frustrated. I am looking forward to that, plus its just me and him time which helps.

New pictures are up from the past week (in the september album).

Ian got to pick out the winter hat he wants, plus if he picks it out he should actually keep it on. THIS is the one he chose, he wants one in green. lol

And Hopers gets this one. I just told her to make it as funky as she wants.

Plus we all have colds again which isnt any big surpirse considering that this weather is all wonky.


Sara Graves- Martinez
how sweet that ian loves boone so much!!!

sounds l ike you got your schedule down… thats good!

cute hats!=]

Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 7, 2008 – Sunday – 9:06 PM
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The perpetual elevator…well thats just poor education.

My internet is down and I havent found the time to call suddenlink and have them look at it. Of course myspace says I log in all the time but thats at school, where I generally dont have the time to type up a blog. BUT since a few of you are having the twitches with nothing to read I figured I would type one up throughout my 3 hour class period. Yay.

So, I have this typography class. I was really looking forward to it, I find type to be interesting. So the first day of class I pretty much pinned the teacher as flighty. She is awefully nice but is just, well, flighty. I hate saying that about anyone but she is dammit.

She knows her field really well BUT she has no formal teaching skills, pretty much landed the job because she knows type. Thats great if you have that teaching know-how and she does not.

I think she thinks that the whole class knows Adobe Illustrator and not all of us do. She tells us to do such and such with a handfull of us just looking around blankly. Our project right now is to make a portrait out of type, easy peasy if you know illustrator. So I am stumbling through it but would be totaly lost if I wasnt taking computer illustration (which just so happens to be the class I am in).

Anywho, yesterday she told us to turn to page 12 in roman numerals in our books. The girl behind me (bless her heart) had NO idea what roman numeral are. Thats right boys and girls, they let people into college that have not clue what roman numerals are. The guy behind her, in an attempt to make the pretty young girl feel better stated that he wasnt taught them either and that was in private school. And to top off the head explosion of idiocy, he made sure to let the teacher know that roman numeral are out dated and not used anymore. You know, not used as in in the book that you are looking at thats just a few years old…oh and those clocks with the x’s and v’s…they dont really exist. lol

But to make matters worse the teacher made sure to let the class know that not knowing your roman numerals is a sign of poor education (which I agree). So that gets a few people up in arms saying things like “I’m not stupid, dont call me stupid”. Good grief.


POOR education does not equal stupid, it equals poor. If you cant grasp that simple concept then yes, you ARE stupid.

And so we move to today.

My first class of the day is drawing and I hate it, hate it I tell you. I cant draw worth a crap, not in a “here is an apple, draw it” sort of way. So I am feeling inempt when it comes to the class.

Plus its the morning, now I get up at good 3 hours before class but I am still dragging by the time class rolls around.

She put on music, for 3 hours we hear music. Drab, elevator music. By the end of the class I was so ready to step off the elevator.

And thats it, I shouldnt be typing right now anywho…naughty, naughty, me.


Sara Graves- Martinez
hee hee….

i was just on the edge of my seat waiting for a blog=]=]

many thanks juli…. many thanks=]=]


Posted by ?SaRaMiChElLe?™ on September 3, 2008 – Wednesday – 8:26 PM
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