So I decided the other day that I wanted some new earings. The ones I have are old, really old and the coloring has all but faded. I cant just run out to the store to buy earings, the gauges are a bit bigger than your normal earing.
See here if confused about gauges
Basically I have a 14 right now and would like to go to a 10 then eventually an 8 or 6. So I head out to all the local piercers here to look at the jewelry, not much selection and only one store helped me out. The last place I went into didnt even want to give me the time of the day. I looked at the jewelry then asked if they did custom tattoos. She answered yes and I asked in they had portfolios of healed work. She pointed to the walls where all the flash was, odviously thats not what I wanted. I asked again and she pointed me to the right place. Ugh. Really nice work but not the place I would ever get tattooed.

Okay, so onto the shudder. So I went looking for 10g lobe pictures. I had already picked out my earings and expanders but I wanted to see if I could find pics with similar earings. So of course I ended up on BME. Yikes that site has grown since I looked at it years ago trying to find info on keeping my madison from growing out again.

Deap breath, do not, I repeat do NOT go to the BME hard link if you have just eaten. Wow.

Thanks for reading this 3am vent.

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