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 8:18 PM

So my Brother got married…

A few months ago. I have no idea who this girl is, how old she is or how they met. I gather that she lives over 3 hours from my brother (he is in jail). Well over the weekend mom gave me a letter that she sent to her, talking about how much she loves my brother and how she doesnt have any kids yet (ha, I think she got handed about 20 step kids when she married bubby) and how she would really want my mom to be involved with any children. Normally I would agree whole-heartedly but its my brother and…..well….my mom has been hurt 10 times over trying to be close to his kids (all different moms) and I am sure she is at the point of not wanting to try anymore. I don’t know, knowing her she will attempt to try. Anywho, in her letter she also stated that bubby was up for parole but denied and she asked if my mom could write a letter of appeal to the board. I doubt my mom will do it, for one she just had major surgery yesterday and has enough on her plate. Well at the end of the letter she asked for me and Nikki’s (Nikki is my sister) information so she could contact us. I know my mom, she wouldnt ever give out our info. So I emailed her so she knew that I had read the letter and so she had a way to contact me if she needs me. Yesterday I got a reply and in all honestly she comes across as younger than me and maybe not fully in the “know” about my brother. Well she asked me to write to the parole board as well and I have mixed feelings. I do not know the full reason why my brother is in jail, I know a lot of it has to do with child support but I don’t know the rest of it. So of course I will ask and hopefully I will get a straight and honest answer and not some sugar coated regurgitated bs. From there I will make my decision on whether or not I will write a letter. We will see how it goes.

Do you have your personal information posted for all to see?

It amazes me how people will go so far to post there full name, address and phone number on the internet. There is the local moms group that I look at and a few times the ladies have posted all of there information. The site is not a private site, anyone who wanted to could easily look up Sally So Dim and see she is a single mom of three, living at 123 Come Stalk Me Lane. Does that cross anyones mind of stepping over the line and giving a bit to much info? When I was pregnant and used to post on a site that I no longer look at it would amaze me how people would post their ultrasound pictures and not take off their name, doctors name, city and 9 times out of 10 their social security number. Duh! Recently Dateline NBC did a segment on teens and Myspace.com and they have a poll on THIS article.

Who should do more to safeguard teens’ online safety? * 5571 responses

Parents. They should be more tech savvy and responsibility
32r> Web sites. MySpace.com and similar sites should have better monitoring
5r>Both parents and the Web sites need to step up
50r>None of the above. The threat isn’t as bad as it’s being reported.
I voted Parents, I do not think it is the websites responsibility to safeguard its users anymore then they already do. It cant be more obvious then a font size of 18 in red. If the user chooses to look over it then they look over it.

Oh how I loath Oprah!

January 24, 2006 – Tuesday 5:55 PM

Someone once said-

I want to know how long it’s going to be before “Oprahism” becomes an official religion and all businesses are closed from 4 to 5 every weekday afternoon so her acolytes can stay home and absorb her teachings. They’ll all have “OSS!” (“Oprah said so!”) instead of WWJD? jewelry.

This sums up my feelings completely. I dont watch Oprah normally but I got news today that she was doing an Avian Flu special so I watched (with a bucket near by). After sitting through the whole thing I can tell you that all I heard was regurgitated media hype. Comparing it continually to Katrina was nausiating at best. What other national disaster is so fresh on our minds then Katrina and the aftermath that has become of it. Fear fear fear, thats all the show was about. People, get educated on all of the diseases….are they really as deadly as what is portrayed? What about the 1918 flu, why was it so deadly? Was it the flu or was it the vaccination?  What was sanitation like back in 1918? Did you know that we’re still in the same pandemic alert phase that we’ve been in for the last couple of years when it comes to the Avian flu? Yes, thats YEARS. Were you worried about this flu 2 years ago….how about 5?

Needless to say the show left me in awe, Oprah just spoon fed a bunch of mothers hype and fear. Great!


January 20, 2006 – Friday 10:51 PM

Why is it that when growing up in the little old town of Amarillo that all I wanted was to be out. I absolutely hated the oober conservative atmosphere where if you were the least bit “different” you were not welcomed. I hated it. I always wondered why the people that made it out were always coming back. Now all I want is to go back.

I moved in 2003 to Provo, Ut and wow was it a shocker. 98 percent of the population is Mormon. That means no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no cussing, little to no carbonated drinks, you must live with people of the same sex, you have a curfew….these were some of the bigger things (pretty much opposite of my previous self). It was an interesting experience and one that I would never take back but I dont think I could ever raise my children there.

Now we live in Lubbock, not all that far from Amarillo but I still feels like its a 14 hour drive sometimes. I have yet to find a like minded or even a minded person in this city (at least not one with boobs). Now I find myself wanting to go back “home” because that is where I belong. I realize now after years and years of wanting to “get out” that maybe its not such a bad place after all.

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