Ian was good today, yesterday he had a total meltdown. One of those “why did I ever want to have kids and why do I want more” kind of days. He was tired, over tired and he didnt want to go to sleep. Around 2:45 he started to scream, scream at everything and everyone. So I let him figure it out, I tried to cuddle but he wanted none of that. Finally, about an hour into it I made him stay in my lap. Talking to him, playing with his hair, telling him it will be okay all while he was squirming to get loose and screaming at the top of his lungs. 40 minutes of him screaming, becoming horse and all he fell asleep. Ugh! He woke up about 20 minutes later,  face all waffeled from my shirt and happy as can be. He was fine, it was if nothing ever happend. Meh, we all have our bad days, right?

Well today he was fine, touchy with Jason in the morning but good with me. He was a peeing machine though. I put him in one diaper that I hate with a passion, he came and sat on my lap and we talked then he got down, walked to his room and stopped. He peed. You want to know how I know this? Oh, because he had two streams going down each leg. POS Diaper. So I go and get a better one, clean up the pee and change his socks, take the diaper and throw it away. It is the only diaper that we have ever used that leaked but it had never just not worked, up until today that is. I dont know why I even kept it so long.

Anywho, then Ian had lunch. He decided to throw his sippy (the whole 8 oz) because, well gravity is new to him. I was doing the dishes so I just left him until I was done. Bad idea. He threw it so hard that the top came off.  Bumb butt me took him out of his highchair and then noticed that not only was it on the carpet but also all over the floor. I couldnt get up and get something to clean it with because Ian would have played in it so I grab the first thing I see. A box from pampers that has a free diaper in it (yep, Jasons having a baby and pampers is sending us crap, I have NO idea how they got his name).

Well what do you know, paper diapers make great mops!

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