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Way to much to do in so little time

So Ian’s school seems to be going really well. He also starts soccer practice on Friday and I am sure he will love it.

Yesterday I needed to buy books for some classes and get some groceries. Mom kept Hope for me while Ian and I went running around. By the time I got back she had cut Hopes hair. Yes, it was in her eyes but I needed it to grow out so I could get (train) her part to move. So that pissed me off. She has this thing with taking over *my* place (like claiming Ian as hers, ugh) and disregarding my parenting. Whatever.

So the kids needed baths and we gather in the bathroom. Ian takes off his short and there and behold was his sticker from the dentist (like a 3×3 in sticker) on his leg. He has slept in it and then went to school with it, over 24 hours of sticker and it wasnt coming off. So he had to soak in the tub and scrub, its still a little irritated. Ha.

The kids ended up going to sleep later because Ian and I were running around and boy is it obvious today. And to make matters worse Ian could not stop coughing last night so at 2am I gave him so benadryl and of course at 7 he was still rather tired.

The 14th is his appointment with Dr Hale to talk about getting his tonsils out, I really hope the approves and can get them out. As it is he is sick with tonsillitis about every other month. NOT fun.

And with that I am off. I wish I could be funny and witty like I was last year when it came to blogs.

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