Small update

This weekend was awesome, I got to go eat dinner with girlfriends, see desert devils and spend all day Sunday with the kids, Boone and Victoria. Ian and Victoria did awesome, some meltdown parts throughout the day but for the most part they did great. It was just a wonderful day spent with people that I love to pieces.

Hope is close to crawling, she manages to get one leg up under her and go forward but after thats she just rolls to where she needs to get. Really cute though although two kids running around the living room while she rolls about is rather scary. Her bottom two teeth are almost all the way in, so cute. This coming Saturday will be her first night away from me, she is spending Saturday night with Jason.

Ians doing a bit better behavior wise but this next weekend is Jasons weekend so I am sure we will have some reset time after that.

I am doing very good. I am being rewarded constantly in knowing that I can parent alone, its really not all that bad after all. I can now give everyone in the household a bath, at the same time. A feat that I thought would be impossible without someone to pass Hope off too. Another feat I thought impossible, even with Jason around was to have a third child. But I occasionally watch Victoria for Boone and the 4 of us do rather well. I am way out numbered arm wise but all 3 can fit on my lap just fine.

Its just awesome, everything is working out so much better then what I ever imagined it would. Bumps along the way, some days their are more bumps then others but we make it through it okay.

I dont think Jason will ever know just how much this divorce has done for me. Its pushed me into situations that I never imagined I would be pushed into and in every situation I have been pushed into I have come out a better person. Every day is a challenge but a welcome challenge.

Now all I need to do is loose all this weight I gained since having Ian.

I am a fatass,  I dont mind admitting it, I know I have got to loose this weight that I have gained in the past 4 years. So I got me a wii fit, nothing better then having a video game tell you that you are obese and then plumping your mii up to where it looks like you could be rolled out the door.

I weight 211 pounds, yep thats right. I am FAT! But, I am doing something about it thanks to the wii and numerous workout videos. Why am I tell you all this? So you can ride my ass about being so overweight.

I learned tonight that I have excellent posture (my mii age is 27, I will be 28 in 1 month), I cant do a push up for crap, running without a bra is a BAD idea and that yoga actually is a workout.

This should be fun. 🙂

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