Its so odd

Feel special Jenny because you are the only person on my preferred list therefore the only one to read this. Its really a diary entry but I know those annoy you. 

Its so odd having someone look into my eyes. Its been so long since its happened I forgot what it felt like. Boone will stare at me all the time, right into my eyes even when we arent talking. Jason never did this and I realize now that its because he was always lying to me. Its kinda nice.

Angela says she thinks I am the person that Boone needs to get him to change, meaning he has a love affair with the bottle. I dont want to be the one to change him I want him to be the one to change him but he is also well aware of the fact that I much prefer a sober Boone. She even noticed how well he did on Saturday night, just 4 beers which is really really good.

He is such a good dad though. The way he interacted with Victoria (his daughter) and Ian on Angelas birthday was proof of that. He played with them for hours, throwing the frizbee, kicking the ball, toting both of them around on his shoulders, all without a complaint. When he is here with me and Hope he is always in daddy mode and its so cute. I was out talking to dad on the porch on Sunday and boone and hope were in the living room. When I came back in he had flipped her to her belly and they were face to face (he was lying on the floor too) just talking back and forth to each other. OMG it was so cute. Jason never would have done that, he would have just kept her on her back and let her cry.

Its that stuff that is making me fall for him just that much more. Neither one of us wants this to go to fast but dammit he needs to start being an ass to me or else its going to be an avalanche.

He smiles all the time when he is with me, even in his sleep. He will look at me, smile and giggle and when I ask whats up he says he is just happy.

I have no idea where this relationship is going to go but when it ends I hope we will still be close. He is a great guy, he has done some stupid stuff but at least he has faced it and learned from it rather then shoving it under a rug.

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