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Ian and his T&A

So today we finally had Ians appointment with a ear, nose and throat dr. And in a matter of minutes we learned that Ian really was having a hard time hearing and that his tonsils really are huge. So his appointment is on the 27, 13 short days. I am nervous but its for the best. I did have to giggle though when reading the papers about it. T&A all over it……..giggle.

Not much has changed around here. I am staying busy which is probably a damn good thing. October is a hard month for me. Its the month that, 2 years ago, I realized something wasnt right. Funny thing, the 27th will mark the 2 year anniversary of Jason leaving me (the first time), 37 week pregnant. My life was so different then, I was such a different person. Well I suppose I was always myself but I certainly lost the part that made me ME.

And in a matter of a week and change I will have been single for 6 months. 6 months people, thats a huge milestone for me. Its something that I go back and forth on actually. My relationship after my divorce was all over the place and therefore I was all over the place. But since that ended I have been a-okay. Its funny how someone elses stresses can bring you so far down. Its been freeing to say the least. But I still miss Boone, in a friendship sorta way but it seems friendship just wont ever be.

So most of the time I am okay with just me and the kids but occasionally I am just plain lonely. I suppose I am at that lonely stage right now. :/

Which brings me to a funny. Poor Jason, I drug him through so much crap. Seriously people dont know the half of it. He babbied me in every way possible and one of those ways would be rubbing my back at night to go to sleep. I am sure he is more then happy to no longer have to deal with that…well now I do. lol. Ian wont go to sleep until I rub his back. I know when I tell Jason this he will chuckle.

And with that I am out for the night.

Facebook wins….in most cases

Its a rarity that I log onto myspace anymore but at times I do. Why for you ask? To snoop.

For years I have wondered about a certain someone. Back when I was oh….17….I had this boyfriend that I just “loved”. But my selfishness led me to break up with him for no other reason then me being 17 and wanting a new boy friend way to often. He ended up hating me for it but we still had a pull with each other though it was probably because of common friends. At any rate there came I time when I no longer saw him or heard about him and if I did hear something it was never good.

Well I snooped and found him on myspace. Oh.my.gus thank the gods that we split and nothing ever came of it. lol. He went from a baby face to just ewww yucky. And yes this is immature of me but one of my biggest turn offs is the whole Southern, mud wrestling in the form of ugly trucks, beer belly, imma cach mea fish mentality.


So I feel better. Like once again, someone I broke up with long ago, is happy but doing there own damn thing.

Tonight is dinner with the girls, at my house. Making tacos. Its Jasons weekend. I have much needed catch up time with Ang, I miss her so.

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