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Ian had a fantastic week at school. He was a bit of a turd for me in the mornings and at night though. He just didnt want to go to sleep, which is a chain reaction. If he doesnt get enough sleep then the next day is hard. How do you walk away from a kid when all he wants is you. Momma I love you. Momma I just want to spend all day with you, etc. Its hearwarming and sweet and a good reminder that I am doing at least something right.

Hoping soccer game goes smoothly tomorrow. Last Sunday he was just so exhausted. But he says me cheering him on helps. 😀

My week was meh, juggling school, work and kids is rather challenging. Just when I get my head above the water more comes flooding in. Ians new favorite book (aside from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) is Where the Wild things are. He loves it. We read and talk every night before bed and he colors a picture for me.

I got a ps3 the other day. You know how when you get new things its fun, you plug it all in, read all about it, go through all the menus…its fun, right? Not so much for me. Of course random things happen that remind me that I am indeed divorced and yes the ps3 did that to me. A month or so before Jason and I split I bought a ps3. Plugged it all in, read all about it, registered all the things and set it all up. It was fun then, not so fun the second time around. lol

I am enjoying this little big planet game, its frustrating the little toe nail out of me though. ha

Tomorrow me dad and Ian are heading to the fair. I would say thats an awesome reward for being so awesome at school. 😀

Hope, Ian and Exit the cat

Hope, Ian and Exit the cat

Hope likes to wear my shoes (pay no attention to the launder piled that need to be folded)

Hope likes to wear my shoes (pay no attention to the laundry piled that need to be folded)


So this weekend flew by super fast. Where did Saturday go?

It was Jasons weekend and Ians first game weekend. He kept trying to throw in the towel and I will be honest, a couple of times I wanted to as well. I ended up spending a good portion of the weekend with Jason. Which is always nice but at the same time weird. I think we parent much better divorced then when we were married.

Poor Ian, after the game yesterday he was so tired. Like tantrum throwing crazy child tired. But he had a couple hours to nap, then we had dinner and we finished off the night with a nice game of payday.

Jasons girlfriend, or whatever the heck she is (this is the one that he had an affair with) really just doesnt want Jason and I spending time together. Which I find rather humorous. Like what do you expect when you invade a marriage while wife is pg with number two? You expect the parents to just not see each other? Snort.

I guess she asked if he would see me at practice and then had the nerve to question if I would be at the game. Gus what an idiot. I suppose its a good thing she cant have kids. She seems so disconnected from life, I feel sorry for her at times.

But I love just knowing that she is stirring and probably doubting Jasons moves when it comes to me. Insert evil laugh here….

Anywho, me and the kids came come. Got them right in the tub and Hope went right to sleep again. She didnt even want a kiss she just crawled in bed and rolled right over. Then Ian and I watched the Chicka Chicka boom boom youtube video. Man he loves that book. Then he drew his nightly picture, we read “Where the wild things are” and I tucked him in as well.

So tomorrow is Monday and I have no doubt that he will be good at school. He feeds off of positive encouragement (who doesnt?) and I have been doing tons of it. And he loves his chart, its a nice visual which is something he needs.

This is just starting to be a ramble now so I will end it now on an up note. I am so happy for what I have, the families I have and the friends I have. I am loving it up right now.

Ians not doing to well at school

At this point I am beyond frustrated and thinking that me in school and working and Ian in school might be overload. He keeps acting up at school, not wanting to listen and hitting other kids. I am going to go ahead and blame myself for that. My parenting hasnt been the worlds best the last month.

So tonight we went over what all had been happening. Made a chart for him, etc. So from now on every night he will draw a picture of what happened that day. I have tried everything that I know to try. Taking away toys doesnt really work, all he wants to do when he gets home is sit and talk to me and to read. I cant take that away from him, duh.

So I am hoping that his drawing and then telling me about it will help. Im not a disconnected mom that just doesnt give a damn but part of me thinks that the teacher thinks that what I am. He is just having a hard time adjusting, he doesnt do well with change at all.

This weekend he was so upset because I was moving things around. Even simple stuff like that and he freaks.

I am also getting him the hands are not for hitting book (and the others in the series). Here is to hoping that this works and tomorrow is a better day.

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