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and just not know why?

< pity party >

I swear, this week and last week were ones to remember. Ian was cranky and I just couldnt get a decent amount of sleep. Those 2 things make for a disaster. Simple things are just making me upset, for instance-
I am working on selling some of Ians diapers on the tp at mothering.
Covers, I have a ton of covers, like……….. 14 simply cloth, 5 el bee wooly bullys, 3 kiwi pies, 3 wondershorts, 2 starbunz, 2 bummis, 1 luxe baby and 1 freshies!
Ian does not need that many covers.
Anywho (sorry I am over explaining here) I sold some things on the tp and today I attempted to get my shipping lables printed through paypal. So I go and fill out all the info and the damn thing wont print! I didnt want to waste six bucks in shipping so I called paypal. I dont think the girl helping me even knew you could ship through paypal. I kept getting put on hold (but she wasnt telling me I was on hold) and I was on the phone for darn near close to an hour trying to get this figured out. I finally gave in and just voided my shipping lable. Ugh. Well being that it was a craptastic day while on the phone with paypal I started to cry. Yes, I cried over a 6 dollar shipping lable through paypal. Then on the way back from the post office I cried again (but over another subject).

Oh well tomorrow is another day……….
now I am going to go have a waffle.


< /pity party >


Always Màthair



HEY! I could go to What a Burger in my PJ’s and get PANCAKES!!!!!!!

These things will come and go, the human capasity for showing emotion is fanominal!  Yet, we live in a society that frowns on showing them! No wonder so many talented and creative, loving people are subdued with drugs to quel those emotions…when will we ever learn! The Kids are alright! Stop the zombieizm!

Just had to get that out, I do understand

Posted by Always Màthair on March 31, 2006 – Friday – 11:29 PM


I have been away from the computer pretty much for the past week. It was spring break here so we basically lounged for 9 days. I really dont have much to say but I have had a few views so far today and I hate to just have a dead blog. Meh.

I will leave you with a pic from a couple of weeks ago of Mr. Ian Rivers swiffering the floor while toting around a string cloth grocery bag with lanolish in it. 😉


Always Màthair

ahhh, what a good son he is, elpin’ ees mum!

What a wonderful name Ian

Posted by Always Màthair on March 20, 2006 – Monday – 10:02 PM
Cute, my kids like to swiffer the floor too.
Posted by Karry on March 29, 2006 – Wednesday – 9:28 PM

My favorite poster

A few years ago, when I was working at Hastings the buyer for the accessories got me this promo poster because she knew I would love it. I did, I thought the artwork was awesome and I love Pink Floyd.

I didnt have a chance to hang it until I had moved into my own house in Provo (about 8 months after). I lived in the basement so the first thing you would see when you got to the bottom of the stairs was this poster. Jasons parents visited and they didnt care for the poster, my old room mates visited and they didnt care for the poster, a home teacher visited and he didnt like the poster. I didnt care and I left it up till we moved (which was about a month later, long story).

Then we moved here and again, I hung my poster. People from the Church visited and after a couple of weeks I took the poster down (I believe the Bishop told Jason to take it down). It made me sad, I looked past the naked bodies and looked at the artwork. Everyone else seemed to get stuck on the bodies and wouldnt even recognize the poster as “artwork”, it was actually more closley related to porn. Whatever.

Well tonight I put the poster back, its in the hallway so not to many people can see it at the moment but when we redo the living room its going to get hung again, for all to see. Its freeing actually.

————–CommentsAlways Màthair

YOu know, the first time I saw this poster I wondered…WOW, WHERE HAS THIS PIECE BEEN HIDING!!! I thought it was sooo great!! It is a partial history of Pink Floyd!! Atom Hearted Mother, RElics, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and I/m not sure, but I think the last one is Animals…What a glorious work of are in human form, in my opinion, more tastefull than a lot of other things I have seen! The only reason we started wearing clothes was we were aware, and ashamed of our naked ness in front of the Lord, and God provided cover for our naked ness and I am sure he was very heart broken that we couldn’t follow one small rule that would have kept us in paradise forever! NOt only is this a history of Pink Floyds music, but  it was shoing the years and events that this music covered. Harley has two posters, both from the Wall, one that says Mother can we trust the covernment. The other is from the part of the movie that shows the hamers marching.  If we look at it as being sick, then we are sick in ourselfves. I’m glad you didn’t let the the views of a church that allows paligamy in it’s community to take away the way that you see life! Remember, we answer to God alone!  Mum

Posted by Always Màthair on March 1, 2006 – Wednesday – 11:21 PM

oh server

For those that visit MDC you know that the past week has been hell. If you get on your lucky and if a post goes through your luckier. So someone started a Dear Server thread that was hillarious and since reading it I had the Barry Manilow song Mandy stuck in my head, so I give you dear readers

Oh Server

I remember all my life
a world without MDC.
Shadows of a forum,
a face through Windows cryin’ in the night,
the night goes into

Morning just another day;
happy people post away.
Looking at their posts,
I see a memory I never realized
how happy you made me.

Oh Server well,
you came and you gave without crashing,
but I you had a upgrade.
Oh, Server well,
you listened to me and stopped me from shaking,
and I need you today. Oh, Server!

I’m standing at the edge of my pc;
I walked away when the forum was fine.
Caught up in a world of online communities,
the post’s are on my mind
and nothin’ is working now.

Oh Server well,
you came and you gave without crashing,
but you had a upgrade.
Oh, Server well,
you listened to me and stopped me from shaking,
and I need you today. Oh, Server!

Last week is a dream, I face the morning
refreshing on MDC, the pain is callin’

Oh Server well,
you came and you gave without crashing,
but you had a upgrade.
Oh, Server well,
you listened to me and stopped me from shaking,
and I need you today

Oh Server!

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